Odd cursor behavior at the edge of events on Mac

I’ve noticed that quite randomly, the arrow will cease to change shape so I can do fades or grab a corner of an event and shorten it. Usually when I hover over the edge of an event, a little square shows up, and my cursor turns to a bi-directional arrow allowing me to slide the event right or left, which truncates or expands it. Lately, this functionality has become intermittent. It will work most of the time as expected, but frequently it just stops doing what it is supposed to do. I’ve uploaded a short video clip of the wrong behavior to YouTube here:

Cursor strangeness

No repro steps on this one because it is totally random…

Anyone else ever see this?

Running Cubase 12 Pro for Mac, 12.0.70
Mac Mini M2 Pro Max, OS version 13.3.1 (a)

Yes, same problem here…
Nuendo 12.0.7, MacBook Pro M2 Max.
Very annoying