Odd distortion sounds using brass with accents

Using Dorico 5 Elements, I’ve got simple trumpet and trombone parts. When dynamics are neutral everything sounds fine, but when I add accents I’m getting a very strange distortion sound, and it comes through on audio export as well. It sounds almost as if the correct note is playing but it’s doubled with a note several octaves lower, far too low for the range of the instrument, and it sounds kind of like distortion. I’ve tried swapping out sounds from different libraries (although as an Elements user I don’t know how many of those I have access to), but any “trumpet” will do the same thing. I don’t need any fancy high end sound here, just basic trumpet and trombone sounds will be fine.

It may be relevant that in setup, when I create a trumpet or trombone part, there is never an assigned sound like the other instruments, and I have to add one manually.

That shouldn’t happen. Have you tried re-applying the playback template?

Not sure how to do that, is there a procedure somewhere I can follow?

Also I can confirm that it’s adding a single note, very low, whenever there’s an accent. I changed the sound to a simple piano and it still adds the very low brass sound. I’m guessing it’s something to do with expression maps?

Play>Playback Template… (and choose one of the factory defaults - they are the ones with a factory icon!)

The low note is most likely a keyswitch (to activate the accent?). If you are hearing it, you must have the wrong Expression Map applied to your instrument. Reapplying the Playback Template should fix this, as opposed to clicking the cogwheel icon for the instrument in Play and choosing an Expression map manually.

Hey thanks to both of you for your help, I reapplied the template and it fixed it, just like you said. Now we’re in business

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