Odd Dorico iPad behaviour

Hey all,

Writing some piano music, and I’ve wanted to extend the last quaver of a bar across a whole new bar - the bar popover worked beautifully

However when I selected the last quaver, chose a semibreve grid value and pressed the increase value forwards button, Dorico froze completely for a while- then partially or rather, it seems the score won’t update, although aspects of the interface are still available. If I change mode, nothing happens - I can play notes on the keyboard but they don’t affect the score


Also side note - once you’ve added pedal changes on the iPad - how do you then select and change or delete them?

I’ve had some unrelated issues with the iPad app. Is there a concept built in to create a diagnostics file, like the desktop version?

I don’t know what might be going on with the program appearing to hang when you extend a note.

You should be able to select pedal lines in much the same way in Dorico for iPad as you can on the desktop – I’m not sure in what way you might be having problems selecting them?

As for finding diagnostic reports, crash logs at least can be found on your device and then shared to another device, and if you wish you can certainly send them to us by attaching them here. I describe the location here.

When I touch the pedal change, it selects the whole pedal line, no matter how many times or position changes I try….

This is the same in Dorico for desktop: in Write mode the whole line is selected, and you need to switch to Engrave mode. If you want to add or remove a retake or similar, you do that by selecting the notes/chords at that position, rather than the pedal line itself.

Ah - huh. I’d have thought it would be consistent to be able to add and delete changes in write mode, but to adjust them in engrave mode.

That being said - on the iPad version (haven’t tried desktop yet) I switch to engrave mode, select the change (all fine) but when I then press the “bin” button on the top panel it simply deselects the change without deleting it.

What’s more, in write mode if I touch the line too many times, a popover comes up and the line resets itself I.e. removes all changes

It’s all very confusing, and I’ve had to redo the pedal changes several times now…

EDIT: Same deal on the desktop - I select the retake in engrave mode, and press delete but…

Hold on - you select the note at the position of the retake/change, and then what do you do to remove that retake?

… > Pedal Lines > Remove retake.

Or on desktop it’s on the Edit/context menu.

Or you can use the popover - options for the desktop version described here.

Ah I see ok. Thanks all and sorry for my confusion…

I guess I still don’t understand the concept behind the way you’ve implemented pedal changes and why (e.g) there’s no visual equivalent of nonotch in the playing techniques panel (or is there?). Presumably it’s because instead of being discrete items they are signs that modify the pedal line - is that right? In which case could we have signposts? Other visual cues? Ideally, things we can click on and delete…? :wink: