Odd font setting behavior

I’m wondering if this is an expected bahavior:

Turning off the radio button grays out the text and changes the setting from Bold to Regular, but the font doesn’t change in the document.

When reopening the Paragraph styles menu the radio button is still active, set to Bold
To make the font change I first have to change from Bold to Regular before turning the radio button off.

It doesn’t sound like the expected behaviour. What Style is in use by the parent style that this one inherits from?

The parent style is set to Regular.

This works as expected for me. Could you please try to reproduce the problem in a new, minimal project and then attach it here?

Hmm, this is strange. I’ve tried to save my custom Paragraphs by pressing the star, but they won’t get saved. If I do the same in a new project it works though.
I’m not sure in which version of Dorico I started the actual project, but it was definitely before the latest update. Can this have anything to do with the problem in the original post?

I had some similar problems. Could it be that we use a Swedish OS?


The issue with the “save as default” button not working exactly as intended is discussed in this thread from a few days ago.

Oki, thanks Daniel! As I understand it you’ve sorted out what causes the problem.