Odd issue with re-sizing chord symbol elements

(I did post this in the FB group but didn’t get a real answer, although John Baron did try, thanks John!)

I have an odd problem. I’m trying to change the appearance of some types of chord symbols using the project default appearance. (Just changing the size of some elements)

But I’m having issues with some types of chords only changing the specific chord I enter…

In this first pic :

you can see that in the document, the Fsus4 and the Csus4 are displaying the same, even though I’ve edited the scale of the sus glyph for an Esus4 chord in the project default appearance box.

In the this pic:

you can see that the only one that uses the edited scale factor is the specific one I’ve edited (the B(add11) and not the C(add11)).
The only difference that I’ve noted is that in the first instance (and all the other ones that seem to work fine) there is a glyph that comes up in the lower box and in the second (and others that don’t work - like (add9) chords) there is no glyph in the lower box.

Anyone know how to solve this as I really don’t want to have to go through all the possible combinations of add 9, add 11 etc chords in all the keys!

Thanks as always in advance for any help and apologies for the double posting in 2 different places.



Any edits in the Project Default Appearances dialog box are only for that specific chord. If you want to make a global change to a suffix, you need to select it (like the sus in blue in your top pic), then hit the Edit Component pencil underneath. Now in the next Edit Chord Symbol component dialog box you can make a global change to the “sus” definition.

Basically if you want a global suffix change you need to do all your edits in Edit Chord Symbol Component. If you want an edit to a specific root/suffix combination do it in Project Default Appearances. I generally try to never make any edits in the Project Default Appearances window as I typically want global appearance changes rather than modifications for just for one specific chord.

That’s what I’ve done. It only works for suffices that have a glyph in the lower box (like I said) I used exactly the same method for the sus chords as I did for the add11 chords (and add 9) it doesn’t work for the ‘add’ chords… Like I said, inconsistent behaviour…

Cheers for the answer though.


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Yeah, you’re right. If it doesn’t show in the lower box (stacked alterations like #9#5 don’t either) there’s no way to make global change.


I was hoping that wasn’t the case…

One for the developers?


Unfortunately that is the case at the moment, because those stacked alterations are constructed by Dorico on the fly from the individual components that occupy a single row each, so they don’t exist in the library as a single entity that can be edited. Sorry!

Thanks Daniel,

Is it something that’s on the list for ‘fixing’

(I’m sure I’m just being assisted l awkward…)


It’s not something that we are planning to change in the near future, I’m afraid, no. I think it is more likely that we will try to add a few more engraving options to allow you to make changes to the size and alignment of these kinds of stacked alterations.

Aah, ok. It’s just a shame with such comprehensive ability to change all the things with chord symbols doesn’t work with all the different chord types…

Cheers for the answers though Daniel.