Odd issue with zooming in Cubase 6

Hi all,

I recently purchused Cubase 6 and installed this on my MPB without issue, software runs ok haven’t had any issues but Cubase has odd behavior when zooming.

When I zoom in it works, but it creates a bit of space between the start of the first bar and the end of the track control panel. This does not show on a new project (blank or template). Once I zoom in it creates a bit of space there which remains there regardless of it I zoom out.

Is there a known issue with this function or an option relating to this?

Hello Eyes,

this space is new in Cubase 6 and normal. It gives a more clear seperation between the Track pannel and the first bar.



Hi Chris,

Thanks for your fast reply, much appreciated.

The space only shows up for me once zooming, and if I zoom back to original view it still shows. Without zooming it does not show at all. Is this expected behavior?

Also, is it possible to disable this at all? I know it’s a very minor function, I just find it a little distracting. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is only a small gap (so only visible at certain zoom settings) but I find it invaluable when checking that I really am at the very start of the project and that there is nothing preceding my first event in the Arranger.

It’s one of those small design details that, for me, emphasises the quality of C6.