Odd MCU Pro behaviour with 7.0.2

Afternoon all,

I’ve developed a rather annoying issue with my MCU Pro.

The left most channel fader is resetting to 0dB whenever you stop playback. It doesn’t matter what bank I’m in, it completely indiscriminate to which ‘software’ channel is selected and I have also confirmed that this is not due to any automation that is set up on the channels ‘software’ channels.

I tried removing the feature in the preferences menu - Transport > Return to start position on stop - so that the cursor stays where it has stopped but this also makes no difference, the channel still resets to 0dB.

I’ve also tried resetting the settings for the MCU in the Device Settings window, this doesn’t appear to have resolved the issue either.

This has only started happening since installing C7.0.2 - Anyone else getting this issue or can anyone recommend any trouble shooting that I may be able to try.

Thanks in advance,