Odd Midi Glitch crash?

This is bizarre but it’s happened to me a few times with Cubase (Maybe as far back as version 6.0)

Here is the description:

-Record MIDI on a particular instance of Kontakt
-Audio plays, and the orange midi activity indicator is illuminated during recording
-Solo the track
-Track plays back fine
-Un solo and then playback. No audio. No orange midi activity indicator.
-If you click on a midi note, the instance will play, but otherwise during playback the track is silent with no midi activity, despite there being midi content inside the piano roll.

If I return the instrument to SOLO state it works fine again.

Duplicating the track will result in a new track with the same issue. The only solution I found was to make a NEW instance of Kontakt, reload the instrument, and copy paste the midi on to the new track.

Since the midi part itself still functions when copied elsewhere, maybe this is an internal crash of that particular Kontakt instance?

Any ideas? thanks.

Try this: select the not playing Kontakt track. Add a new MIDI track. This should automatically address the Kontakt instrument above. Play. Does it work now? If yes, delete the new MIDI track.

For some reason, Cubase will lose the mute status of the clip. I had this when moiving a instrument track from a muted folder to another.

I googled and found the solution(for me) on this forum.