Odd midi recording problem

I just installed Cubase 6.5 on a brand new computer and unfortunately I’m having a strange issue. When I choose Replace/Overwrite on the transport panel Cubase still keeps all the midi notes I play. It doesn’t delete the ones later in the cycle when I play a note. And when I mess around with the other settings regarding the recording modes in mide Cubase crashes and I get a blue screen.
If anyone can help it would be great because this is a huge problem

I just installed Cubase 6.5 on a laptop as well and I have the exact same problem. When I set the MIDI Cycle Record Mode to Overwrite it doesn’t overwrite. It keeps everything. Hasn’t anyone really never had this happen?

Are you sure you are recording in MIDI cycle mode? Should work…

I guess I must be doing something wrong since it’s happening on two computers, I just don’t see what. It’s something I’ve done for years in Cubase 5. You activate the blue cycle button on the transport panel and set Midi Record Mode to “New parts” and Midi Cycle Record Mode to “Overwrite”.

Or do you have to do anything else but that in Cubase 6 to get it to work?

:arrow_right: :question: So Guys, what was the solution here, because I have the same situation - In “overwrite” cylcle record mode, it does not overwrite - it just adds!

So by the way, I’m trying to record within the Key Editor.

:exclamation: OK, solved…

:arrow_right: In “Preferences”/“Record”/“MIDI” set “Replace Recording in Editors” to “All”.

:imp: “They” could have at least refer to it in the manual under “The MIDI Cycle Record Modes”.