Odd performance difference between 32 bit and 64 bit

I’m a long time Nuendo user and a few months ago I upgraded to version 7. I also upgraded my computers to Windows 10 as well. I’m seeing some very odd things and I’m sure others have run into it.

Computer #1 i7 quad core desktop machine 16GB ram with Lynx Two-C
I run latency tests and find its running very very well. While recording or occassionally playing back, the performance meter will peak. Neither the drive or CPU is being taxed in any way. I’ve already turned of c states in the bios. Its the most intermittent issue I’ve ever had. Once the performance meter spikes, the audio recoding stops, which obviously wrecks the take. I didn’t ever see this with Windows 7/Nuendo 5.5 on the same machine. Interestingly, Nuendo 7 32 bit works better than the 64 bit version. Odd?

Computer #2 i7 quad core notebook with discreet graphics card and 24GB ram with (2) MR816X interfaces (HP ZBook)
I use this for remote recording. Nuendo 64 bit is very glitchy and has performance spikes. If I use Nuendo 7 32 bit, I can typically get through a session without too much trouble. I removed most of my plugins but I’m wondering if the difference might be some older 32 bit plugins that are not playing well in 64 bit.

Anyone have any ideas on what to check? I know the description is a bit vague. I have the usual stuff configured, network is disabled, nvidia power management stuff is off for the graphics card.

Thanks for the help

Well, seeing as I don’t have any responses, I should take that to mean that others are not seeing this problem. I guess it’s time to rebuild windows and start over again only installing minimum plugins to see which might be causing the issues.

There are probably a lot of users that don’t have two versions available to run. I’ve only got the 64-bit version installed on Win 7 x64 and on Win 8 for example. So I’m guessing that may be why you’re not seeing replies.