Odd Performance meter reading?

With only one track in a project my performance meter gives an ‘average load’ reading of about 95%. That can’t be right surely! I have a great machine (sorry, not updated that stuff - will do asap).
Any ideas? I can’t seem to find anything on this in the manual.

I’ve been running a lot of different projects and that happened to me once. The asio meter shot up to about 95% and wouldn’t move and I had to force close C7.

This isn’t he asio meter. The new performance meter gives three scales:

  • average load (which in my case is at about 95% - see image)
  • real-time peak
  • disk

I’ve shut down and restarted and it sits at the same level. And as you cans see, there is a red strip at the right indicating a problem. If I click on this it goes away.

Any ideas?

Thanks for input so far. Can someone else try this?


PS. I’ve uploaded an image on a word doc to show what I mean.

Oh! No doc. Sorry, I haven’t worked posting stuff out yet.

The performance meter and the asio meter are the same. I’ve seen the red stripe too and will check it out later

Thanks dman. Look forward to your views on this.