Odd playback issue with piano pieces

This has happened recently in 2 separate piano pieces. There was a rhythmic distortion in a bar after an accel. Playback was fine until I tried to find out what the problem was. It turns out that the end of the accel was attached to a note further past the end of the accel and I fixed that, but then the playback started sounding like the electronic score to Forbidden Planet, lots of reverb and scratchy synth sound. I’m not sure what triggered it in the first instance and the accel thing may not even be related. If I close the program and re-open sound is ok again. Suggestions appreciated.

Per the usual advice, we’ll need to see a project file and some steps to reproduce the problem to look into it any further.

It happened again this morning. I’m beginning to think it may be more general and not related to any specific score. The file is attached.

Thanks, Richard

beautyprint 2020.dorico (1.26 MB)

Where in this (fairly long) score is the issue manifesting for you? I’ve played through it and not had any issues.

here is a brief audio:

(Attachment 20201228_094538.mp4 is missing)

unfortunately the mp3 didn’t fully upload.

Try this. Converted it to mp3

doriconoise.mp3 (129 KB)

It is a random event. Plays fine at first and I’ll edit something or some other procedure then it starts. If I close and reopen the file it goes away,

I confess, every once in a while I also have issues where an instrument seems to transpose relative to all the others and everything sounds out of tune. I haven’t cracked the code yet, although I’ve noticed this seems to occur on projects I created a year or two ago. Just make sure you are running the most recent version and update the playback template just to be sure. There was an update not too long ago.

I’m beginning to think this is a problem with my Realtek sound driver, which I’ve never liked even though it doesn’t happen when streaming videos etc.

By any chance do the sample rates of Dorico and your driver become mismatched? For instance, you’ve got Dorico set to 48khz and your Realtek driver tries to override it and switch it to 44? Mismatched settings cause issues too. Usually this just results in your score sounding transposed up or down a step, but I know with various applications this can cause bigger issues, and perhaps that’s what’s manifesting for you.

I may have solved this one. Seems my generic asio driver may be corrupt. I switched to asioforall and that so far it’s ok. I’ll have to wait and see if there is further trouble.

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