Odd request

Just wondering in someone could print screen the settings [A+B] of the ‘early bird’ preset in padshop as I’ve messed it up entirely after fiddling around with it for ages. After rebooting none of the oscillator settings were remembered and reloading the preset doesn’t work either.

Would help alot!

Above post should read ‘were not remembered’.

So I’m relatively new to this (2 weeks), I have read the manual and my brain imploded internally as I am a mere drum player. I’ve managed to sort of get the sound I’m after back but it’s no where near as good as it was before… I’m still trying to make it and learning a lot in the process.

If you listen to the end of this clip, that’s the sound I’m trying to re-create (very relaxing music)


Apologies for the painfully newbie request, any sort of insight would be appreciated

Finally figured out what it was, Modulation wheel was set to LFO - Grain Position, LFO - Cut Off… Had left Mod Wheel down, it must have worked when I booted Cubase loaded presets again and Axiom wasn’t recognised

…someone get me a doctor almost 24 hours of going mental… best learning process though