Odd rumble using HALion Sonic SE3 in Finale

I have Sonic SE 3 showing in my Finale VST instruments, but playback adds a low rumble. I’m not sure if this instance of HALion Sonic SE came with Finale or if it’s attached to my Cubase 11 LE. As I want to try (for $99) an Iconica package, I want to make sure my output will work so I was testing with samples already bundled with my version of HALion Sonic SE.

My work is created in notation and I don’t use MIDI for anything, so my use case may be outside the performance envelope here. (MIDI output from my rubato-heavy Finale mockups simply come in as a rigidly quantized tempo with no relation to Finale’s detailed, elastic output.)

Finale 27.3
Mac Monterrey 12.6 native Intel i7x6
64 gb rAM

Finale is probably attempting to play an articulation, which are usually assigned to very low notes on the keyboard.

Halion Sonic SE is part of Cubase. You can update it to Halion Sonic 7 for free, which is recommended:

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Indeed. And even before loading up 7 for a try, in HSSE3 I learned that I can map out the low notes (presumably keyswitches)

PS - Finale recognizes HS 7 but shows no available instrument programs; HS 7 standalone does show the instrument program window. Is my license not coming through to Finale? But as HSSE 3 is working thanks to your advice, I’m less worried about the Iconica library than I was.