Odd-sized Halion editor window

I get odd window sizes with Halion editor.

On the main monitor, the size is way to small to be usable. The editor is in the upper corner of a large window, and I can’t resize it. (window1.jpg)

On the second monitor, the size is usable,although the editor is still in a corner on an otherwise much larger empty window. Sometimes the window is so large I have to resize it to find the close button. Sometimes it appears on the second monitor correctly (not being in the corner of a large otherwise empty window). (window2.jpg)

I’m using a Surface Book 2, 15" – main monitor is 3240x2160, second monitor is 1920x1080.

When I first got Dorico, other windows (mixer is one I remember) appeared way too large. That stopped happening after a short time as if Windows had “learned” how to handle them – I’m not aware of changing any settings.

Unfortunately there’s no way to change the scale factor of the HSSE window at this point: HSSE is not yet fully high-DPI compliant, and the HALion team is working on an update that will provide appropriate scaling on high-DPI Windows systems.

Is there any chance one could preserve an option to keep the HALion screen the same (smaller) size and shrink the window around it to fit? I use a 42" 4K monitor to see more info on screen, and when everything in Dorico (and Cubase) but the actual music size automatically scales up, it makes having the larger screen space far less useful. I’d like to have the HALion and Dorico tool strips scalable to a small size too, so they would be the (absolute) size of their laptop counterparts even on a larger hi-def screen.

Unfortunately there’s no option for this at the moment. In theory you should be able to prevent the VSTAudioEngine2.exe process from running in high-pixel density mode, but from what Ulf tells me the usual strategies to control this don’t work: I’m not a Windows user but I believe you right-click on the executable, choose Properties from the context menu, then disable display scaling from the Compatibility tab. You could give this a try, but as I say, Ulf has told me that this doesn’t work.

I have found that if I click on the little p, the Switch between Editor or Player button, or hit ‘e’ on the keyboard (make sure the window is focused) the window redraws in the way you describe. Hitting ‘e’ toggles between the full and abbreviated views of the VST. If you close the window, it forgets, of course.

You can also press ‘e’ on the keyboard when HALion Sonic SE is in focus to toggle these views.

Right. :wink:

That certainly reduces the window surrounding the (smaller) HALion screen, which I like. Now, if I could just manage to shrink the Dorico screen elements in a similar way, that would be a fantastic way to show more music and smaller side & top panels on a full-screen window.

it’s not at all problem with halion only. i have this kind of scaling issue on 4k screen with each plugin i own. two examples:

  1. aas chromaphone - it has fixed window size and behaves in dorico exactly like halion:
  2. here is an example of a plugin (arturia cs-80, but it’s same thing for all arturia’s plugins from v collection) which has resizable UI. in this case you can’t even use it properly because there’s no way to access some of its controls, which landed outside of plugin drawable rectangle:

    here’s funny thing: i checked u-he repro-1, which also sports resizable ui, but this vst works correctly (i.e.: plugin rectangle is fully filled with plugin ui), with one small difference: 100% plugin size in dorico is smaller than 100% size within other hosts (cubase for example).

I have the same issues, plus popover windows that straddle my laptop display, and its ‘extended’ 4k display. These tend to be unnecessarily large.

I have the same issue with Halion on my Surface Pro, but strangely, it was not an issue with Dorico 1 or 1.2, it came with my upgrade to Dorico 2. I’m seeing it with both Halion SE 2 and SE 3, and it makes Halion almost impossible to use. +1 for needing a solution

Unfortunately, until the HALion team are ready with a high-DPI update, there’s nothing you can do. Sorry!

this is not Halion exclusive issue. and Halion works fine in other hosts on my machine.

Halion seems to be more tightly integrated in Dorico 2.0. Halion scaled in D1.x but, it used Windows level scaling rather than Application level scaling independent of Dorico itself. In D2.0, Halion doesn’t scale independently so, it needs to be made hi-DPI aware as Dorico is.