Odd tuplets in odd time signatures

So I have some 7-tuplets in 5/4, that works fine (7:5 ratio on quarter notes).

However in 7/8, I can’t get 5-tuplets unless I write them as expanding ratios (i.e., 5:7), resulting in five 8th notes in a bar of 7/8.

For various reasons, I don’t really like this solution:
This is most similar to a 5-tuplet in 4/4, so it should look similar
5 in the space of 7 is much closer to a quarter note value than an 8th note value
If I’m also using quarter note triplets (3:2) in the music, it’s bizarre to have both expanding and contracting ratios doing such similar things.

Is there a way to write this as five quarter notes in the space of seven 8th notes?

Hi! It think it is possible

Use eight notes, type 10:7 and activate what is called in French “taux de contraction”. I don’t know the term in English

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ah, brilliant, thank you! to avoid the tied notes, I just used ‘force duration’ as well.

Amazing folks on this forum, can’t believe I got an answer so quickly.

By the way the text in the English version of Dorico is “Use contracting ratio” :slight_smile:

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