ODLA music input device

Here’s an interesting dedicated music notation input device, which has "buttons’ to replicate the staff positions.
It claims to be compatible with Dorico (possibly using the new remote control functionality introduced in v.4…?)

Here’s a youTube video of it in action (in Italian).

It looks rather fun. It’s also designed with accessibility for the blind in mind.


What a cool idea.

Yes, Odla does indeed make use of the Remote Control API introduced in Dorico 4 to achieve its integration.


How might this compare to the StreamDeck? The Notation Express app looks more customizable, and perhaps less expensive. The ODLA looks cool though! Following this thread.

Odla is more focused on note input and editing, rather than general-purpose access to a wide range of features. It was born out of a desire to create an accessible interface for music input for visually impaired musicians.