Oeksound Soothe2

Anyone use it here? 20 char

Got it, thanks for that, @anon4 !

SOS reviewer thought there was a step up from Soothe to Soothe2, FWIW.

I’m basically a home studio weekend warrior, I’d be looking at potentially using it to save time, and as possibly a teaching tool (comparing wet and dry on SpectraLayers, e.g.).

Thanks again!

Anyone else here using Soothe2 on Cubase?

Hi All -

I wonder whether I found a bug in Soothe 2, or it’s operator error (Vegas says latter … :laughing:)

I noticed that when I activate sidechain, the display activity stops moving. Taking sidechain off results in return of display activity.

I wonder if there is a setting I am missing, or is this a bug?

Anyone with similar experience?

Thank you!

C12Pro, W10, Soothe 2 VST 3.6.13

Closing the circle here - though apparently there is unexplained behavior in Soothe 2 (confirmed by Oeksound support, and described below), the problem in the OP was indeed operator error.

Unexpected behavior in Soothe 2: The Cubase 12 Pro sidechain button can be in an inactivated state (“not brown”), and yet the Soothe 2 sidechain cue button will still play the side chain only as if the sidechain were active.

I’ve been using Soothe 2 … surprised at how subtle its changes are, even with the GUI showing lots of activity.

It’s also shining a spot light on a few things i need to work on, such as understanding resonances.

I do understand how to EQ sweep with narrowish Q and gain up. I think i understand the purpose of that is to hear frequencies that “poke out”, prime candidates for controlling with EQ, dynamic EQ, Soothe 2, etc.

Conceptually what I don’t understand is how to differentiate between “bad resonance” and “intrinsic sound of the instrument” for those frequencies that are shown to be “poking out” using the EQ sweep.

I hear the differences when Soothe 2 is applied to a track (drums with cymbals, voice, distorted electric guitar), but … I really didn’t always think the original dry track was problematic!

This applies to examples of Soothe 2 use supplied by Oeksound, as well as the usual suspects on the youtube tutorial trail.

I guess i just need more hours of critical listening under my belt … :smile::blush: