Of Mice, Men and Trills With Noteperformer3

Checked the Noteperformer3 User Guide regarding trills playback, and it advised me to set the Playback Options to “Use Generated Trills Only,” which I did. But I’m still not getting trill playback. Not sure why.

Dear DaddyO,
Something must be wrong with your settings, since trills do play since version 3.0 at least…
I just checked my settings, and Playback approach for trills is on “Use samples if possible”, I’m using NP and I am positive that it does play the trills. And if I change it to Generated trills only, it does play the trills too ! Are you sure you input the trills with the ornament popover (or right panel), and not a Shift-X marking ?
Hope this helps

Thanks for chiming in, Marc. Yes, inputted with popover.

I admit I was surprised, since I thought the trills issue had been resolved. My projects until now had not required finding out for myself.

It’s good to know that it IS resolved, so apparently I just need to experiment and poke around to figure out why it’s not working for me.

Thanks again.

I’ve attached a zip of the project in case someone wants to examine it. Project is in Dorico 3.1 with Noteperformer3.

The trills occur in the Clarinets in measure 85.

At first I was using the setting “Use Samples If Possible.” After reading the Noteperformer3 Users Guide I followed the suggestion to switch to “Generated Trills Only.” Neither resulted for me in the playback of trills.

Blue Danube Waltz - NP.zip (747 KB)

You used the wrong option for the trill. You seem to have the “trill key” from the Wind section of the Playing Techniques panel.

You want to create an ornament. Select the note, type shift-O then tr.

If you look at the properties panel for the ornament, there are far more options than for the “trill key” playing technique.

Ah, I was using shift-P, which had a selectable “trill key” option. Not being a wind player myself, I assumed the word “key” had something to do with trilling to the next note in the current key.

Working now.

Thanks so much Rob.

Glad that it’s solved. Notice that I wrote “ornament popover” and not “playing technique popover”… :wink:

Yeah, Marc. I meant that before you had pointed to the ornament popover I had been using the one for playing techniques. Once you pointed it out, I was good to go. Thanks.

No problem. Thanks to you, I learned that there was a trill in playing technique which I admit is confusing.

To add to the confusion, you can use trlll keys on wind instruments to create noises that you might not describe as “trills” anyway :slight_smile:

It’s funny you should mention that. Yesterday, after getting Marc’s help, I was watching a YouTube video of Grieg’s Piano Concerto Movement III made in Moscow years ago with the young Van Cliburn and Kiril Kondrashin conducting. When they got to the part where a solo flute introduces the lyric theme, the video focused on the flute player, and I saw what might be such a keyed “trill.” Since I am not a flute player, I cannot be certain. But I laughed at the coincidental conjunction of my issue and the watching of the video.