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I checked my steinberg product page and it says cubase le 9.5 instead of le 4 and shows the old serial no#. I did not receive an update code but does that mean if I had the iso of le 9.5 it would install with the old serial no#. trying to contact canadian support just keeps going round and round and end up back here. not sure what to do

in my steinberg account, it reads: Cubase LE 9.5


Please, delete the Serial Number and the Soft-eLicenser number here from the public message.

I sent you PM.

hi martin
yay yamaha canada gave me the upgrade code to cubase le 10.5 and upgrade for my dongle. I just need the cubase le 10.5 iso so I can install on my non internet studio computer and use my upgraded dongle



You can download Cubase LE 10.5 Full Installer from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

does that download the full program to a file so I can install on a non internet computer?

ok yes, but 15gb for 10.5 is outta my league, 9.5 is 5gb so I’m hoping the activation will be good for that instead


Yes, the Full Installer downloads the whole application and the whole library.


Yes, with Cubase 10.5 activated, you can start Cubase 9.5 of the same edition.

I wouldn’t say the 5GB download is the full installer with the whole content.

thanks again for your help martin. not really interested in the library content, only the program itself for live recording so as long as I get the full 9.5 program I’m good. besides with my slow net connection it would take me 3 days to download 15gb, lol


Yes, with the 5GB, you definitely get the whole Cubase application.