Offer a smaller Cubase download (less than 11GB) that excludes additional content

At nearly 11GB, downloading Cubase can take a lot of time, even though the application itself only weighs in at a couple of hundred MBs.

Because of the eLicenser, it is pretty fast to set the license up on any PC, and with a slimmer download it would be possible to get Cubase on another PC or newly installed PC more quickly too. In general, not all users even want this content (me included) so it’s basically just a waste of time and bandwidth.

Offering a minimal installer of about 500MB would be a solution to this. Groove Agent SE could still be included for example so no functionality is lost, but not with the content packs.

Yes, please.
When installing I uncheck just about everything and install core Cubase stuff. No Groove Agent or anything.

One unfortunate occation when upgrading Elements to CP8.0 - download speeds were so poor - that links for download expired and after many hours ended in error.

+1 - a download for JUST Cubase can’t be too much to ask for. Less stress for Steinberg server too hopefully

I think it would actually be a noticeable difference since providing 11GB isn’t nothing.

I’m a believer that the Cubase stock content is both small and universal enough that everyone should keep it installed, even if just for the occasional layering.

HOWEVER there’s about 6GB of loops and sampler track content that not every user seems to be aware about. These aren’t quite genre neutral and not everyone will have a use for them. I think offering them as a separate download would benefit both the people who don’t need them and the people who do (by making it clearer that this content exists).

I could definitely get into logically breaking it in two parts like that.

Why just not upload a copy of the cubase only instalker on your onedrive? Or elsewhere where you keep your reinstall backup stuff? It’s easy to extract from the main installer. The main installer is nothing but a GUI’ed script of a bunch of smaller installers.

Not sure why Steinberg should maintain for you? Just extract it and put it with your other stuff where you usually put it.


If it’s done through the Steinberg Download Assistant, then it could be split up similarly to Dorico.

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