Offer cloud storage of User AppData, Profiles, Presets, etc w/ Syncronization between devices

It’s a bit of a PITA to keep my studio desktop mirrored to my portable laptop.

It would be great to have a method and choice of Manual Synchronization and Auto Synchronization (maybe with a number of cloud revision backups).

It would be so great to be able to do this with the click of a button. Or choose which entities/folders auto-update the cloud like presets. ie, I create “bass aggressive 001” on my desktop, it auto-syncs to the cloud reference and then the next time I turn on my laptop it auto downloads that preset.

But maybe this is better accomplished probably with some 3rd party software

That would be a pretty cool feature. Hope it will be considered. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, you can synchronize certain folders (apart from the default folders) with the common cloud space services, like Google Drive, or Microsoft’s OneDrive. I guess you could just add your Cubase user folder to the synchronized folders, and it would work the way you described it.

It would need to offer some robust protocol features, like 2-way synchronization permissions and 1-way synchronization. It’s a type of feature that could definitely get messy if it’s not done right

Take key commands for example. Key commands on a laptop could differ from key commands for the desktop so the user may want to two-way key commands presets synchronization, but disable active key command synchronization.

and then obviously, delete permissions would have to be handled the most carefully protocol wise. That’s where this maybe gets complicated.

This entire synchronization system would need to maintain some sort of differential comparison history database and be able to differentiate local vs shared actions.

And obviously, a laptop vs desktop is going to have different interface and thus different Audio Connection setups and Control Room setups, etc. So syncronization for that type of global stuff would need to be disabled.

That being said, even the ‘sync disabled’ stuff could be stored on the cloud differentially for backup purposes.