Official Windows 7 64 optimizations?

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Optimization is largely an issue carried over from the XP days (I was on mac at that time, so I didn’t have to bother with that.) It’s not really necessary with Win 7/8. Some people go to great lengths to “optimize” their system and then they find out that nothing has really changed. If all these tweaks do make a difference, it’s really imperceptible. Especially if you have a good system with lots of muscles.

What I find is, if you mess too much with system services performance will be impaired.

Good point, the days are gone where it cost a fortune for powerful enough hardware to run Cubase.

It stems from the fact that after Windows 95 Microsoft started adding all sorts of pretty effects to their OS which would steal valuable resources. That’s why there’s an ‘adjust for best performance’ or adjust for best appearance’ button under Performance options.

Who doesn’t want best performance when running Cubase with 50 plugins and a load of virtual instruments?

Except that Windows 7 and 8 are smart enough to delegate handling of those “effects” to the GPU, which therefore do not actually take any resource from the CPU. Ironically, that’s what you would do if you disengaged Aero.

Which is precisely what I do, contrary to the Great Freddie H’s recommendation.

I only do it because Aero, to be frank is annoying :neutral_face:

My CPU can handle my needs so it works for what I am doing (I have UAD2 and SSL Duende Native) but I do notice sometimes a lag when I am using the browser since my DAW is internet enabled.

BTW, is there a mention of how Aero works in relation to the GPU or can you find information on some useful Aero tweaks?

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I do respect your opinion, no worries. :slight_smile:
I’m just little curious what you do feel is annoying with it? The graphical modern design?

By the way the glitch with the web browser can might be related to the “flash player” or HTML5 can’t use the GPU / API calls when AERO is turned off? I don’t know I just make a qualified guess.

As you perhaps already know the latest versions of “flash payer” use the GPU-calls instead o the CPU.

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Hello there,

I did a full re-install of windows due to an unrelated issue and have left “Aero” on this time and you (as well as others) are right about CPU/GPU resource allocation, I never knew this so it’s been very worthwhile reading and I hope my experience will deter others.

As to Aero, I guess it’s the animations I don’t appreciate but I suppose I can get used to them unless there are specific tweaks that can be performed.

Previously, I turned off all Visual Effects but as of now they are default.

I also changed the processor scheduling function but I don’t know if both or just one or other are the culprit.

If you have anything else to add, I’d be most grateful.

Cheers mate, your knowledge is indispensable.

As to Aero, I guess it’s the animations I don’t appreciate but I suppose I can get used to them unless there are specific tweaks that can be performed.

You can still turn off the animations and keep basic aero appearance and functionality.
Just untick all the “animate, fade or slide” options in Control Panel/System/Advanced System settings/Performance

Helpful BUMP.

I see many have question how to setup their Windows system. I added some helpful guide to do so. :wink:

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