Official Windows 7 64 optimizations?

I have found this in another topic so I wonder what are the official suggested Windows 7 64 optimizations?
I don’t have any issue and my Win 7 is configured in the old way (AERO off and processor scheduler to background).


"1. Don’t Disable AERO make it look like Windows 95. AERO need to be ON on Windows 7 and Windows 8! Use the latest Drivers from you vendors NVIDIA
or ATI.

2. Set the processor scheduler to “background task” is wrong Setting on Windows 7 and 8. IT SHALL BE SET to PROGRAM!
ASIO is not a background task. On Windows XP another story.

Note* I’m amazed that even Steinberg at page 24 in Operation manual advice some people to set to “background” only (on a single- CPU system), though meaning XP old systems. They should take it away completely or add to make it clear its only for users on Windows XP only, not on Windows 7 or 8. Windows 7 and 8 work and are complete different system.
It should be set to PROGRAM not BACKGROUND on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

3. It can be a good idea on some system to disable “core-parking” in Windows 7 and 8. This is advance operation true reg-edit so if you have no experience you can mess up your system pretty bad and completely. … 61804.aspx"

What about MIDI? it is a background task.

Precisely ,so what are the Steinberg official statement about it ,cause latest update seems to be 2011 in the knowledge data base.

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AERO on Windows 7 Windows 8 - OS-X Cocoa Frameworks
As someone already point out, AERO need to be ON to direct all graphic processing to use GPU instead on CPU.
You want the plugins and the Software instruments use all the CPU recourses not the graphic.

There are non benefits to disable AERO only the opposite.
All you see with AERO turn on is handle 100% by the GPU on the graphic card. So it can be good idea to invest in a better graphic card. DSP coding just increase every day so we will see more GPU based coding and add of more functions like plugins use the GPU processing in example Cubase in the near future.

In fact already today many 3 part manufactories base their GUI code and API calls around AERO - directed to the GPU on both Windows 7 / 8 and OS-X . Disable it you will get crashes and conflicts in Windows 7 and 8. On OS-X you can’t disable their coca framework and that is a good thing. I hope Microsoft will take that option away so can’t disable AERO in the near future.

On Windows 95, 98 and XP all Graphic behavior was to directed all to the CPU only. On XP; direct-Windows and Programs graphic processing to the GPU on the graphic card was not possible as it is today in Windows 7 and 8. There for it was recommend to use so low graphic in use as possible because it took away CPU resources for the plugins and software’s in XP. Today that is history.

About MIDI, no its not a background task either. Its a real time operation. MIDI messages are made up of 8-bit words, and are transmitted serially at a rate of 31.25 kbaud.

About Process scheduler on XP to “background task”.

That tweak has been used and abused since Matthias Carsten at RME come up with this great tweak on XP. It was meant to be used with specific RME hardware on XP platform only to provide better low latency from 23ms to 3ms.
Even Mattias Carsten that is the original founder of this tweak say as I do and Microsoft and all the tech Gurus in the world would say; that on VISTA, WINDOWS 7 and Windows 8 it should be set to PROGRAM. :wink:

POWER Schema shall be on FULL too. Check all USB port too so isn’t set to sleep.

BIOS setting- disable all C-wait and Sleep!

UAC-User Account Control
You can go ahead and disable that in Windows 7 and 8. There were talk to take away that feature completely in Windows 8.1 update “Windows Blue”. Its no needed as in Windows 8 has another kernel core protection further down inside the core base that has stronger protections against bad code then UAC.

Windows hibernation
Windows hibernation can be a good idea to take away to free up space especially if you use SSD on /C: Windows.
Check the Internet how to do that.

Core parkingIt can be a good idea on some system to disable “core-parking” in Windows 7 and 8. This is advance operation thru reg-edit so if you have no experience you can mess up your system pretty bad and completely.

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I too read the other post and it got me thinking. I had disabled ASIO Guard because of crashing problems (no crashes since). So last night I reenabled ASIO guard, turned on Cubase power schemes, and checked the Processor optimisation was set for Program. So far no crashes, and the Performance meters once again indicate better performance (they went up a bit after disabling ASIO guard earlier) - touch wood (getcher mind outa da gutter :laughing:).

During this adventure I discovered the Windows Performance Ratings. Considering all the problems some users are having running C7 on their various platforms, it might be helpful if Steinberg would publish a required performance rating for their newer (post XP) products. This is apparently supposed to be one of the uses of this rating system. It would at least help people know if their HW needs upgrading or replacing.

Guys… these are great suggestions for optimizing Windows 7 for Cubase. I did them all and not only is Cubase working better but my whole system is working better.

Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

Great that you all liked it! :smiley: :wink:

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good stuff!

I actually prefer to keep UAC on, though. All it does is act as a way to manage when programs will be starting up, which can be a indicator that something might be running that isn’t supposed to be… Like a Java Update or AdobeUpdate which seem to get installed with default preferences to update whenever they please to ;0

ps. it would be nice if SB (and RME for that matter) would remedy this and update there official tips and manuals.

Wow, some eye opening things here.
The topic says this is for 64bit systems.
I’m running Windows 7 32bit, does this info still apply?

What if I am using the on board graphics processor on my motherboard.
No video card. Should I still enable Aero?
Will it help or hinder?

Windows 7 32bit
i7 3770k
4gb with 8 more waiting



Hi there! :slight_smile:

Yes it apply to you too.

Basically the only difference is that you can’t use more then 3 GB RAM in your Win 7 x32bit system. All tweaks work for you as well and has great impact on performance.

Next time you update or buy a new computer make sure you get a x64bit OS like Windows 8 x64 or Windows 7 x64. Many 3 part computer manufactories like DELL, HP, SONY etc. come only with Windows 8 x64 as default today.
There are no setbacks with a X64 only benefits. :wink:

128BIT /64BIT CALCULATIONS.For those who want to know… There are more other changes how a computer perform “under the hood” in a x32bit OS VS X64bit OS. Example your native x64 INTEL or AMD CPU only use 40-65% of its own capacity and performance under a x32bit OS. Its not actually design to work in a x32bit OS mode, its made for x64.

Made a long story short; to make it simplified and concrete; you can say that IF the CPU were a car its only use the two, three gears even though the car were equipped with six gear, gearbox. In x64 bit OS it can use all six gears. So there are more benefits more then RAM with X64bit OS. Memories are in native x64 and also build and work best in X64bit environment. There are many other things that also has performance degrade in x32bit systems.

Best Regards
Freddie :slight_smile:

This topic and specifically your answers are spot on and (again, I can’t say this enough) really helped my whole system to work much better. During the last few days I’ve had CB on for at least 12 hours a day. No crashes, no hiccups. CB and the projects even load faster with these optimizations implemented. Steinberg really needs to revise their optimization instructions. Seriously, all they need to do is copy/paste your posts from this topic and they would be all set. So again… THANKS!

Thanks for the info Freddie!

I know 64bit is the way forward, only I’m still stuck with
a 32bit audio card at the moment. (RME Digi9652) No 64bit drivers.
The Steinberg UR824 and RME Raydat are the top contenders for replacement
at the moment.

thanks again.

Hi freddie , now u are our unofficially windows system tech support for cubase :wink: so let me say thank you for the info here.

as far as tweaking win 7 64bit… i always had the “regular” tweaking (turn off aero ,background process etc…)
changed to your recommendations… well i don’t see better or worse performance but it looks better for sure ! :sunglasses:

i work currently on sony vaio laptop with i7 cpu and windows home premium 64bit.
sometimes i feel i can and should get more power with it and C7. is there a way to utilize more power from i7 and cubase ? maybe win7 professional edition should be better with cubase ?

(and as for steinberg… well i guess if this “new tweaking” for win 7-8 is good for C7 they definitely should release new info and article about it to solve user problems with C7 and solve some of theirs own headache regarding users C7 and win problems. )

Very interesting thread! Thanks a lot!

I agree that in principle ×64 is good. The concern I have, now looking at buying my 1st 64bit laptop… is Windows bloat (8).

Could users maybe share more about the stuff they managed to disable?

AERO on Windows 8 ???

Yes “On”

I don’t get that so many think you need to disable things?
Follow the old saying: Don’t fix anything that ain’t broken.

…and everything will work just fine.

Best Regards

I have W7 64 and an added graphics card. I changed the performance settings, and quite frankly saw no difference.

That being said, I have never had any issues with my setup to begin with.

Build a computer that is capable, and settings likely don’t matter. Sorry, I am just talking to my pet elephant…

I should add, that I respect all of the information given here. Information that Steinberg should take the time to make clear to users.

Didn’t mean to be a dork.


Hi Freddie,

Glad to see you are back :slight_smile:

I agree that the system should be capable of running without so-called optimizations such as having to switch off everything from System Restore to Secondary Logon but regarding Aero, I have it off and just run classic Start Menu, without a Taskbar present and it works well.

Something useful to add, people would do well to ensure they have a modern motherboard that supports EFI, I have found a great amount of my own issues were resolved with updated BIOS and south bridge drivers, never mind a video card (I am using an APU).

Cheers buddy