Offline Effects in Track-Context


I sometimes use offline effects on regions or clips - the ones that show in the ‘Offline Process History’, you know…
Is there a way to preview them in track-context? I mean, if I have a track effect inserted, the preview of the clip-based offline effect is ‘soloed’, you just don’t hear it in conjunction with the track effect.
That’s particulary useless when using an amp simulation, for example…
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Any ideas?

Use the FX in an insert untill you like it, then invoke the offline plugin and copy the settings.

Hi Split!

Thanks for the reply, I’m a bit late cause I already gave up the idea of someone answering :smiley:

Nice workaround! I think this can be done quite fast - a good way to avoid automation for ‘little repairs’!

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Yeah, +1. I think you should add Feature Request to the title. Sure, it’s been discussed before, but it’s still applicable. I’ve always wondered why I couldn’t just press play and have the offline fx I’ve selected applied in realtime within the mix. This would be superb and, IMO, a worthy USP for Steinberg to shout about in a new release.