Offline loudness measurement of montage?

Is there a way to get a global analysis of a montage or a clip within a montage including the processing on the master section?

I know I can render, load in the render and analyze, but that seems awkward.

thanks for ideas!

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Not really. Either way, WaveLab would have to fully process everything which would take just as long as rendering a real file and analyzing.

The one and only, and really mean the one and only thing that I think the Mastering Project Mode of Studio One does better than WaveLab is that it has a way to “offline” measure the loudness of an entire album track including all the processing, but again, it takes as long as a real render would.

It just saves you the trouble of having to delete the test render manually.

While I’m not really yearning for this feature personally, it might be good for WaveLab to add a feature to offline analyze a CD/album track or the entire Audio Montage and create a report and give you some info, without having to create a test file and manually delete it.

Thanks Justin - Yes, it would be very nice to just have a “one-click” to analyze selected range or entire Montage with and without master fx. It’s not the time to process, but all the extra clicks and subsequent file deletions - lot of unnecessary fooling around for something that one needs to do multiple times a day.


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Seems like a good feature request.

In the “analyze” tab (not within the montage, but in the wav edit window), there is an “audio selection” radio button that will do this… it will analyze the overall loudness (see result in the loudness meter), and it DOES do the analysis AFTER the master section plugins… Would be nice if that “audio selection” radio button was there in the montage as well.

Well, I don’t know if it needs to be done multiple times a day. Personal preference I guess. I tend to just use the internal live metering of WaveLab and my ears to fine tune each song by skipping around quickly and listening.

That being said, if it was possible to do an offline analysis that factors in all plugins and provides a nice report without me having to render and delete files, I might use that now and then but it’s not something I’ve been really yearning for in WaveLab.

Depends entirely on what you’re delivering. I personally need to do this many times a day.

Hallo there, I’m chipping in in considering it a very good feature request.
As former user of Studio One to finalise my projects I’m missing that function.

Yes, if you’re working in broadcast/TV/film or something where the final audio needs to be a certain level, I could see this.

Since I’m basically only doing music, I don’t need to know the exact LUFS of a full song if analyzed from start to finish.

Render to “unnamed file” and analyze. Then there’s no saved file to delete. Helps a bit.

I don’t know the Studio One function, but would be interesting to see.

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Thanks for this. I know this is an old thread, but I’ve spent some time with this program now and gotten my head around various workflows, and for anyone searching to this thread I think bob99’s answer here is really the way (short of a dedicated function) - render whatever you want with the “Unnamed file” option selected - then just use the analyze window for the resultant file (which you’re automatically brought to). It’s still a few more clicks than I would like for such a commonly used function - seems to me the best would be: select a range/clip/clips in the montage and click an analyze button - but this is the next best thing and doesn’t leave a bunch of extra files around.

This would be very useful, normally I bounce out a few “test files”….well potential master files….and batch check using a program called R128x, seems to do the trick (plus i use it for the other daw’s or incoming files I’m working on, and I have good consistency with it)

Why not doing it with WaveLab? (Global Analysis Tool, or Analysis plugin in the batch processor)

Mainly for workflow PG :+1:, I have a few clients who QC using R128x and it’s easier to not have any variables

I am however usually editing while masters are being exported so like to reduce wavelabs cpu load as much as possible if i am doing so

I’m going to check out the batch analysis tool now, can’t remember using it to be honest

could the analysis plugin results have maybe an option to just have the file name rather than the whole path in the results?, the duration have a numeric format option (ie. 0:00:00.000 & without the samples) and be able to change the location of where the resulting CSV/PDF/etc etc can be saved by default?

I can of course excelify the CSV to fix the report for my uses otherwise
I didn’t realise this was possible to generate, I think I will add that report to my workflow for 2023

Yes, this was requested recently too.

Hi PG,
We could really use improvement in the analysis tab in the montage. It would save me many hours to be able to offline analyze individual tracks (meaning audio between CD markers here not lanes in the montage) or the entire montage. Currently I’m building a montage for an album, meta normalizing, processing through the master section, sometimes on tracks (meaning lanes in the montage), sometimes on clips individually. Then I need to play through each track to check peak and loudness in real time, make adjustments to my clip level and repeat. rendering the entire montage or individual tracks then analyzing is great, until I need to make a change, then it takes even more time.
It would really speed up workflows to have this tab in the montage as it is when i have just an audio file open. Then I select a track or the entire montage hit analyze and make any adjustments required, analyze again and move on.
Currently I have to play through with Izotope insight 2 in the playback section, make adjust ment, playthrough again. Very time consuming.

This is high on the todo list.


That’s good. In my opinion, it’s the only feature that Studio One Mastering Project Page has that is better than WaveLab.

Fantastic, I appreciate your active participation and feedback very much. I don’t use another audio application that the developer is so actively involved with users. To any users reading this, I once found a bug that was a bit crippling on the project I was working on, posted on the forum, PG fixed it while on vacation. The only other developer that came close was Michael Carnes before he retired. You are the reason I’ve been using Wavelab since version 1.6 and will remain a customer. Fantastic program - your active involvement with your customers is the reason why!
Thanks and happy holidays!

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Agreed that this could be improved considerably, and looking forward to upcoming changes, but bob99’s solution above works quite well:

Select the clip/area that you want, in the Render tab select “Selected Audio Range” as the source, select “Unnamed File” for the result, and click render; this will take you to an Audio File tab with the selected area rendered, click the analysis tab and analyze - then just close that Audio File tab without saving and continue on. Sounds a bit complicated, and no doubt not as good as just having an “Analyze Selected Range” button in the Montage, but once you get used to it it’s pretty fast and doesn’t leave a bunch of extra files hanging around.