Offline Loudness Penalty plugin

Anyone know if it’s possible to use an analysis plugin like the meterplugs loudness penalty offline, to get a faster than real-time scan of a file?

I tried using direct offline processing, but the loudness penalty plugin just remained blank.

Does the plugin have to be coded to allow such an operation?


Direct Offline Processing doesn’t need any specific plug-in (or development). I don’t know the mentioned plug-in, but the question is, how does it work. If it just shows the streamed data in the real time… The signal is not played back once you apply it as Direct Offline Process. It’s processed directly to the file.

Use the version on the MeterPlugs website.

The free version on the meterplugs site doesn’t show how much you can turn up the master to hit the youtube target. The paid plugin does, but you have to play the whole song into it. Apparently it will do an offline scan as an audiosuite plugin in pro tools, I’m hoping to do the same thing in cubase to speed up workflow.

Offline processing in plugins works the other way around. It would need to be coded specifically to not work in offline mode. So if it’s not working, you’d have to contact meterplugs.

Ok thanks for that! Waiting to hear back from meterplugs support :slight_smile:

Oh ok, so direct offline processing is just meant for rendering an effect to the file? So to use an analysis plugin which measures the loudness of a selection, my only option is to play it into the plugin in real time?

How is audiosuite different that it allows faster than real-time analysis of a selection using an AAX plugin? Is it something in the AAX spec?


Unfortunately I don’t know AAX specification.

It’s faster than real-time, because it doesn’t run in real time :slight_smile:. Real-time protocols like AAX/VST/AU can be used for off-line purposes, but the reverse is not true.

I tested the loudness penalty plugin in pro tools. Very cool, just open the plugin in audiosuite, select the file to test, render in a few seconds, then mouse over the youtube value to see how much it can be turned up without penalty. You can leave the plugin window open, select and render each song one by one to quickly check a list of songs. Would save a lot of time if I could do that in cubase!

In this screengrab, my mouse is hovering on the youtube score (shown as “–” to indicate that youtube won’t turn down the file), which causes the black rectangle to open saying how much the file can be turned up without penalty. The free website doesn’t have this feature.

Take a look at this excellent plugin, which, among other things, allows you to drag and drop audio files into it for instant analysis:


I downloaded the free version, but drag and drop only works in the paid version. Any chance you could screengrab the results you get from a drag and drop analysis so I can see if it does what I’m looking for?

I got a reply from meterplugs support. Said the plugin is only designed to work in real time, they reckon the “offline process may not work properly”. I tested it again in pro tools and it was off by about 3db against the web site app.

Man, I got fleeced there. Claims on the website “Faster than realtime processing with Pro Tools’ Audio Suite”.

If the Youlean plugin measures the youtube penalty, I’ll ask for a refund from meterplugs and buy the Youlean plugin instead.