Offline processing in Elements

I have been using Nuendo for years at work and have decided to purchase Cubase 6 Elements at home so I can work on music in my spare time.

I notice that you don’t seem to be able to process any audio clips offline with plugins. Is that one of the paired down features of Elements? I can’t see any mention of it in the comparison charts at all.

Thank you.

looking at this chart here under ‘workflow’, it says there’s no offline process history. Which does seem to suggest you can use offline processes, just not reverse them.

But that might mean you can use the processes that come with Cubase like ‘phase reverse’ and ‘stereo flip’. I would like to be able to offline process audio clips with plugins like I do in Nuendo.

Yeah I know. I’m afraid I don’t own Elements so I can’t say for sure, I’m just agreeing with you that there’s no indication of the absence of those offline processes in the comparison charts.

Offline processing FX is a Cubase only feature.

Does that include Cubase Artist or just the full version?

I can’t see where it says that on the versions table.

Cubase = Cubase
Cubase Artist = Cubase Artist

Offline FX processing is a Cubase only feature

It says that in the Cubase / Cubase Artist manual…

That’s disappointing, if I had known that I probably wouldn’t have bought Elements.

What’s the point in having it in the Cubase manual and not in the versions table??

What’s the point in having it in the Cubase manual and not in the versions table??

Well, I´m only a user, not Steinberg, but obviously a feature comparison chart can only ever give a rough oversight.
I personally think it´s a little bit strange to assume, that everything that is not explicitely mentioned in an (obviously limited) feature comparison chart must be there, especially with such a complex program like Cubase and such a short chart… There must be a reason, why the manual has 700 pages
And the offline process history part might have given you a clue. I mean you asked now - you could probably also have asked before.