Offline Processing Questions

  1. My loop is previewing at original tempo in the offline processing not at the project tempo. Any way to fix that?

  2. Is there anyway to preview the offline processing tweaks with the rest of the project without first having to apply them to the file?

It would be more efficient to be able to tweak as your looping the whole project FIRST without having to update the offline processing file. Logic allows you to tweak away until your satisfied…then you can apply your edits.

A video explanation: - YouTube

  1. You need to flatten the process. You can make a key short cut to “flatten realtime processing”
    Why you have to do this, is caus cubase dosent auto assign processing to original audio source, unless you tell Cubase to do it.
    So when ever you port in loops in different tempos. When you are happy just “flatten realtime processing” And begin working with the sample. Else some processes will use the original audio source with original values like tempo…

  2. This can be a bit confusing. But as I understand it. The process is not realy applied until you “flatten realtime processing”. So same thing for this step. Assign the process you want, adjust it and “flatten realtime processing” when happy. That will unload your cpu. It is not to be mixed up with Permanent execute. That would be bad, if you change your mind later on.

So all in all, I say it works the same way as in Logic, by your discription. Just less auto apply, more user control and different terms then you are used too from Logic.

Thank you for your reply.

I see now as you suggested that once you first flatten the imported loop it will preview at the project tempo in the Offline Processing Editor. Cheers

It takes a bit to get used to this.

So if you have a few plug ins instantiated in the Offline Window, but you haven’t flattened it yet, is it taking up CPU power when played back in the mix? In other words do you need to flatten the present plugins to save CPU?

The process is not fully unloading your cpu. We are talking realy small ammount. You get a extra file wich temp store your offline action. It is when you free up the slots by executing them, you truly unload the cpu/ram. They are fully editable untill they are executed. when executed, you get a new wave with the fx applied to your audio folder.

And I was wrong in my point 2 statement. The flatten realtime processing, is only possible when there is warp markers. So Permanent is the only option. I use this process only for mix prep with the basic stuff. So my use is a bit different then using it during mix with plugins. So I missed that part. Sorry for that missunderstanding. I learned something new today :nerd:

I think you understand how it works now. One improvement I might think off, would be too have a preset option. So the chain can be saved prior to permanent execute. So there is a way to go back to the original audio clip and adjust settings.

Yes! I noticed that Nuendo stores chains like a track preset in its Offline Processing so I’d expect Cubase 10 to add that feature as well. :slight_smile: