offsetting a midi signal

OK, long setup, but here I go. I found a great live looping vst (G Loop) that fits my needs perfectly except for one thing: It syncs to the host, but it starts the loop on the nearest beat, and I can’t get it to engage the looper at the next bar. If I’m playing drums, I want to hit my MIDI trigger button (FCB1010) on beat 3, get set, and then have the loop start on Beat 1 of the following bar. (Ableton Live’s looper does this well. I just don’t want to pay $500 for a looper)

My track setup is where i have an audio track with the looper on it, and a separate MIDI track routed to that audio track. When I play hit my FCB1010, it goes to the MIDI channel, which then sends it to the audio track with the looper on it.

Is there a way to set the MIDI channel to take the MIDI signal in, and then delay it a prescribed amount of beats? It’d be great to offset it up to 8 beats, or 2 bars to give me a chance to hit the button and run back to the drums or piano.

Let me know if anything is unclear. Thanks for any help you all can offer. I’m always grateful.

See if this option in the inspector helps you.

I’ll try that tonight! Thanks! Still welcome other options, as I imagine that there are different ways to solve this.

The way to properly solve it probably isn’t native to Cubase, but I could be wrong. That track delay feature probably doesn’t work because I think it influences the event data on the track only.

You want your looper to start at beat 1 of 4/8/16/32 right?
The looper should do that as it syncs to midi clock
However, your challenge is to kick it in in a performance at a later time than start correct?
If you kick in to early it starts at 3 and to late it kicks in at 2 of the next pattern correct?
If so, your solution is not to delay, but to improve accuracy or automate the process

The looper starts on the closest beat that it receives the MIDI signal. So if I hit it on Beat 3, the loop begins there. It seems to quantize to the nearest beat, but not bar. I can’t really go about improving the accuracy since drumming requires all 4 of my limbs to start on beat 1. Also, I’d need to purchase a separate footswitch and send it back to the drums. I don’t really want to automate the process, since I’d like to be able to improvise, rather than compose a performance.

DJW, I suspect you’re correct, but I’ll test it tonight. Are there any external MIDI programs that could achieve this before it gets routed to Cubase?

You can contact the developer here
Or here

Delaying it will create a fixed offset to the grid. Which means you can shift up to 2 beats later in time

DJW, got to test it. The track delay didn’t work in this case. I found a MIDI delay plugin where you can mute the dry signal…I’ll try that next

What options does the plugin have for midi cc triggering? You can otherwise just setup the punch points in the cubase arrangement view

Found a plugin called Midi Delay, where I set the Dry signal to 0% and the wet signal to 100%. I can give myself up to 3 bars of delay with it. Thanks for your help all!

Glad you figured it out!