Ogg exporting less samples than it should

I’m encoding some .ogg files for a game, but there seems to be a bug in the encoder and it actually encodes less samples than it should. The result: if I encode a looped ambient sound, the end and start don’t match because the encoder cuts the size for whatever the reason. Tried lots of combinations, sample rates, bit rates, file sizes, with the same result.

I needed to put my 500+€ professional sound editing program aside, and download a free one (oggenc2) to get the job done right. And it’s not the first time.

I’m sorry to say it that way, but it’s depressing.

I once had a similar report, but couldn’t reproduce the problem.
Can you give an exact example? What sample rate, how many samples, the encoding parameters, and with method do you use in WaveLab (Save as, render, batch processor, batch encoding…).


I’m using “Save As” with the following options

type: “Ogg Vorbis”,
Channels: match input stream (currently stereo)
Sample rate: match input stream (currently 44100 Hz)
Encoding: VBR, but I tried several combinations of fixed ratio and VBR qualities with the same result.
Bit resolution: 16 bit

The original file is 162831 samples long, and the encoded, once decoded is 161792.

At first I thought it was a limitation of the ogg encoding scheme (needing full frames or something like that), but the other encoder makes files which, once decoded, have exactly the same size as the original uncompressed file.

I can send you the audio file if necessary.

With WaveLab 7.2.1, I have taken a stereo wav, cut it to 161792 samples as you, then use the Save As function, and saved as VBR, and the result is 161792 samples. No lost.
What do you do different than me?

Please notice I said the original file is 162831 samples long, and the decoded one is 161792.

I realized that, if we measure the length of both files in chunks of 2 kilobytes, the original would be 79,50732421875 chunks and the final one exactly 79 chunks. Maybe this is a clue.

Oops, I have to redo the test.

I can reproduce now. Same thing in WaveLab 6. I note to fix this in the future.

Thank you very much, Philippe.

Hey Phillippe,

Today I finally had a chance in between projects to send you some examples of the Wavelab OGG encoder problems I encountered a few weeks ago.

Not sure if they are the same as the issues you found with this thread but wanted to post here as well to let you know I sent the files for you to review.

And, thanks for checking into this further- I’ll be curious to hear if my missing audio issues are resolved by whatever you found out in this thread.

Can we expect a fix for the Ogg export size mismatch bug soon? :slight_smile:



This will be fixed in next version.