OGG Files Cubase 11

I’m confused!


This seems to state that Cubase recognises OGG files. Ho hum. It certainly doesn’t on mine (Windows 10/Cubase 11).

I’ve seen a number of posts online that suggest the easiest way to import OGGs is to load them into Audacity, convert them to a supported format and then import. I don’t get it. Why do Steinberg suggest it is possible, but experience (and everyone else!) says it isn’t? Am I missing something?


I don’t think the issue is that Cubase cannot open OGG files. But instead this

As you can see here, Cubase is more than happy to import an OGG file, but it has the sample rate conversion greyed out.

You could create a Cubase Project with the same sample rate as your OGG file and load it there. Then Export that at the same sample rate as the Project you want to use it in.


Thanks Raino. Any ideas why I get this message then? It doesn’t matter if I import it via the Pool or the File>Import menu.

To provide you a little background, I’m assisting a friend who is the choirmaster of a church choir. The members of the choir are sending me their recordings and I’m splicing (and fixing!) them. The clips come in diverse formats, MP3, MP4, WAV, OGG, M4A* - enough to make you weep! Obviously, it’s not feasible to ask them to use a common format. I’ve reluctantly had to take on that part myself.

*M4A won’t import either, but doesn’t come up with an error message.

Are you sure those are actually legit OGG files and not just named that way?

Window’s Groove Music can play OGG files. Can you play them with that?

Could be the files got corrupted - although less so if it’s a bunch of files.

Hi Raino

They appear to be legit. Although, eschewing all things Apple, I can never be 100%. I can open them without any problem in Audacity though, export as WAV or MP3 and then import into Cubase. I don’t understand why something like Audacity will open them and yet Cubase gets upset.

At least I’ve been able to complete the projects I’m working on.