ogg vorbis export not available (cubase 5)


I spent many and many hours trying to fix this problem but it seems i’m the only one having it: the ogg vorbis format export is not availaible in the export mix section.

I finally found the audio codecs folder and it is now clear there is no .dll associated for vorbis. After research it should have a OggVorbisAudioHandler.dll because i found it on my laptop where cubase is intalled too. I can read an export in vorbis with laptop but not my new computer, although everything else is working fine.

WHere could i find this .dll and finally makes the vorbis works?



I come again because i found no solution to this problem. I still can’t read or export in ogg with cubase 5 on my nex computer. Could someone tell me if a simple file is missing, or maybe an option i did not choose?

Best regards.