Oh My! 4.3 Looks Fantastic!

Well done Daniel and Team - this update looks incredible! It will take some time to digest.

Thank you so much for providing us with such an incredible tool for our art. You guys are amazing!!

Hope you get a lovely break over Christmas :slight_smile:




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This is ridiculous.
Officially floored.

I am a rather sentimental person by nature, but the last example of Anthony’s video concerning notes from chords brought tears of joy! :face_holding_back_tears:

Very, very well done, team!


Now I know why I woke up at 0300 this morning (which is illegal by the way). Rushed to open my computer in eager anticipation, but alas!, it wasn’t there. Now, hours later, after falling asleep, I’m amazed at how good this update is - especially the notes from chords - amazed and awed!

Man the notes from chords feature looks absolutely insane - unreal!

Early in the video I was thinking ‘so I’m sure you can change this all with the alt-u feature’ and sure and sure enough!

So then, making section specific selections and quickly adjusting duration can so easily create textural contrast.

This is so powerful, I can’t believe it.

Is this magic?… is this cheating?!?!?!….

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yes and yes, but who cares? :innocent:

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One wonders just how amazing and awe inspiring Dorico 5/6/7/8…is going to be! Just when I thought we were all doomed.

W O W !!!
the future is here!!!
Thank you team!!!

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Congrats and thank you Dorico team for this incredible update!

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Congrats for the free update and thank you for the hard work!

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Thank you so much for your always constant diligence and commitment to make things better every time. Big round of applause for the whole team!

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Having watched all 3 of Anthony’s videos, I have to go and lie down now in a darkened room. Overwhelmed!

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Absolutely great, thanks Team!


Excellent work, thank you so much!

I’ve finally reclaimed some disk space by uninstalling v3.5. It is officially no longer needed!


Good idea! My creaky old MacBook was getting a tad full.

Force duration is now sticky in 4.3. Three cheers for that one. What an amazing update. Makes me want to buy shares in Dorico but I don’t think you can :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


For me, having the spacing percentages in Engrave mode is a massive deal. It makes it really quick to pinpoint which system can cope with an extra bar – or which you need to take a bar from – when you’re trying to make manual adjustments.

Also, clef changes at both ends of a selection. :heart:

Also, lyric options and export; and splitting notes!


Finally: The long awaited notation of a drum roll with a “clear” ending note. Yippie! :slight_smile: