Oh My Oh Dear

hi there ,heres one me and some friends did back in the SX3 days ,ive put some newish synths on ,the other version had the embracer warm bath sound :neutral_face: .as usual the lyrics dont say anything and dont ask me where Gazakstan is.ta

You sure know how to write, sing and record music. I Like everything, guitar solo and sax riffs, beautiful man! Michael.

Really good vox on this track…really good, like the sax…is it real? can’t tell anymore…good commercial song and very radio friendly…well done…there’s so much talent out there…Kevin

Very good writing and production. You have a very commercial voice. Cool guitar parts sneaking in and out.

thanks for the nice comments guys ,the main vocal was done by a friend and yes the sax is real .

nice job on a catchy tune… the song definitely has a hook. only thought was that the sax solo on the end might have been a tad too long…you’re close to 5 minutes on the song in a pop format…excellent job however!

Sounds good.

Great stuff again love the mix

I agree with all the comments above. If you’re the guitar player, I also think you could shorten the sax solo at the end, perhaps cut it in half and finish with guitar. Lovely playing.

Your production is indistinguishable from anything I’ve heard broadcast; really impressive. Would you mind sharing some info. about what you do, what you use, etc, when you mix down?


Ference abeles and kzarider
Thanks for the nice comments and advice chaps
I dont know what I did really, if anything I must have been lucky that it turned out ok I guess. It was originally recorded on SX3 a few years ago .what I did for mixing this track was i used.Seals 1991 Seal album and Steely Dans Aja and choose a couple of tracks for comparisons, but I don’t go through it with a microscope, if instrument levels are same ish, that’ll do. I do use a lot of side chaining compressors if its a busy mix to try keep the focus on what’s important at the time instead of using volume automation. I mixed and mastered it down straight out of the project, all I put on the output bus was a limiter and I only let it reduce the gain by a maximum 0f 3db . I still think the bass is quite lumpy .if I could get the bass sounding like Arimus `s track Waiting I’d be happy. I normally do all the guitar stuff on my tracks but the licks were done by a friend on this track. Thanks for your interest .

Well Done as everyone has said.

Enjoyed the read to Plectrumboys question.

One of the things I’ve noticed about your songs is that you have a good sense of melody in relation to the syllables of the words, but the enunciation by the vocalist is also good. It’s arranged well, although I have to echo what has been said already about the end/duration of the song as I too felt the fadeout could have began a good 30 seconds prior to where it actually fades out. The sax sounds great, as do all the instruments and vocals although the bass could definitely do with some improvement. Another cool song, so well done.

cheers man.

thanks for the kind comments and critiques, and that on bass would have been me, wearing the boxing gloves.i should get round to getting a proper player on there. cheers

Another really good one. Agree it sounds radio ready. Drums could use an occasional fill, I guess… But then so could Aja!

Cheers Early ,there are a couple amongst the sax part near the end, you must have blinked and missed them .thanks

Good song, radio friendly!
Sounds like Boyzone meets Steely Dan, and it works! :slight_smile:

Nice alto playing, sax solos can never be too long… :wink:


I’m confused Wim, I thought only guitar solo’s could never be to long?

Don’t forget when Coltrain said , “I can’t stop playing.” Miles says, “Try taking the horn out of your mouth.” :laughing: :laughing:

I agree with you if it’s great playing let the man finish what he’s saying or maybe I just have a long attention span w/good music :slight_smile:

cheers Wim i almost commited Harakiri when i saw the word Boyzone but then felt better when i saw Steely Dan ,ill tell Mark the sax player when i see him ,hell be chuffed.

innuendo`s please

Haha! :laughing: I didn’t mean to offend you, but the singer’s voice reminded me a bit of Ronan Keating and there’s a certain commercial feel to the song, which isn’t a bad thing of course!

Did I say I like the song? I like the song! :sunglasses:

Really nice composition, if a bit dated (like most of us here). This is another tune that I would like to hear in either a full .wav or higher bit rate. They just don’t sound nice and warm when being streamed.

If I seem a bit picky here, it’s because I chose to focus my critique on the songs that are really good but need just a bit more to take them all the way there. IMO, this is one of those.

First, I dig the throbbing aspect of the synth, it works okay. I’m wondering if something with a bit tighter release would work better – give it a bit more rhythmic thrust? As it is, it’s kinda “mushy.” I’m not suggesting something really choppy, like in a Robyn tune, just something a bit more “crisp” (for lack of a better word).

Somebody above said something about the drums being a bit monotonous (at least until the end during the sax solo). Check. The bass could use some fills here and there, too.

The vocals are really good :sunglasses: I LOVE the synth that answers the lead vocal during the chorus.

About the snare… if you’ve spent any time here, you’ll know we take great pleasure in trashing each other’s choice of snare samples. :laughing: This one isn’t bad, not at all, it comes through nicely. I would just have preferred something a bit more “cracky” instead of “snappy”

(or do I have that backwards. Hmmm…)

Good alto solo. I play alto. I thought the solo was WAY too long. In any case, the 2nd eight of the solo should try to take it to another level, instead of more or less repeating the same kind of licks, etc. I know it’s cliche, but I’m wanting it to go higher and hear some growl in it :stuck_out_tongue:

Really really cool song, man :sunglasses: