Oh what has happened he asks!

Oh! Lovely Team of Steinberg programmers and beta testers. May I take the opportunity to ask you what happened to the MAC 64 bit update?
My new 5.5 update reveals nothing leaning towards 64 bit, but has kindly asked to re authorise some of my SPectrasonics plugins WHICH may I add were working very nicely in my Nuendo 3,4 and 5.1.1,
So What may ask has it done to the Plug in Folder?
I’m dreading actually trying to go through stuff I’m working on in case it fails.

My SPectrasonics atmosphere shows that it needs a response WHICH I obtained for N5 although it was obtained on the 13th june.
Can you kindly explain N5’s logic in what it has done to my lovely, working system.
I thank you.

OK, So Now I see what has happened.
Get Info and uncheck run in 32 bit mode.
It still hasn’t cured my Atmosphere problem which is still on 32 bit anyway.
It was running in 32bit to start with.
I emailed Spectrasonics who are always a big help with their software.
As with Steinberg, it’s good to have a response from them ( even if it is 660 emails in German). :laughing:

BUT WAVES DOESN"T WORK IN 64 Bit along with a load of other stuff,
THey’ll all have to work together one day(the Software companies) and make a universal update on a specific day when messing around with OS’s. Now that would be amazing, but impossible. :smiley:

Waves is dragging their feet …

this way, when you are all on a 64 capable systems and experience the huge benefits, you’ll pay for a 64bit capable waves upgrade.

And Apple will break it every time they do yet another OSX update (OS-X Garfield next, maybe?)

Ah, But if you have Waves, you should honestly get the waves update plan and therefore you’ll be entitled to updates when they come out.
I think irrespective of whether waves make you pay for a 64 bit update or not, in the case of Steinberg’s N5 it is a free update and an expensive one in terms of time lost with software that refuses to work and money lost through not meeting a deadline.

There is a Yin to every Yang.

If life was about free updates and not spending money on updates, we’d be complaining because we are paying too much tax :laughing:

I am in the middle of emailing Waves actually to see when an update is available, but sadly as a lot of companies drag their heels when it comes to updates, the users are the ones who suffer.

Logic runs on 64 bit very well. I have both Nuendo and Logic and I’ve always been a Cubase/Nuendo fan, but Logic has it’s own problems. If the midi key editor was anything like Nuendo’s, it would be a damn sight better and in my mind, competition for Nuendo/Cubase. There are things on Logic I really like, but as Apple took over Emagic, they have tempted the users with more bundles of plugins at a really silly price and that means there are more and more Logic users out there.
I do think at some point, Apple will announce the death of logic and GARAGEBAND will be the successor. :laughing:

I wish everyone luck on here with their updates and installs. Fingers crossed we’ll all be 64 bit by the year 2012.
Somehow, in the real world, I don’t think that is going to happen.

As to Spectrasonics: After problems with setting up Trilogy & Atmosphere on a 64bit PC, I was told that neither will work in 64bit. I was adviced to use Omnispere and Trillian instead, which include all whistles of their predecessors.
And Omni / Trillian work like a charme.

Big K