OK, Cubase 13 Pro Pitch Correction vs Autotune

Anyone have a verdict? For natural sound, which works better, more transparent?

@lahatte Hello, I think your question is a very subjective question and is based on a lot of variables. Some variables are, how far off pitch is the singer, how hard do you push the software, your end goal, etc. I think they all sound unnatural if pushed too far. Again, that is my subjective opinion.

The view I’ve seen users (not just cubase users) have over the years is that melodyne is the most natural sounding and then autotunes. Since variaudio is exclusive to cubase, only cubase users have access which resulted in it not being as popular to me.

At the end of the day for me, It is variaudio all day as the winner. It is easier to use as it is a part of cubase software, the sound quality is on par with the other pitch correction options if it is not pushed hard, and it comes free with every update of cubase. Now if you need more than mono pitch correction that’s where the other pitch correction softwares become valid options to me.

If you really learn variaudio, and don’t push it too far (unless that is the effect you want), my opinion is that you will have a difficult time justifying the other options are better for minor natural monophonic pitch correction. Hope you have a great day.

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I guess I should have been more clear. I am referring to the new automatic pitch correction that is part of the new vocal chain in Cubase 13, vs the automatic correction from Autotune.

I assume it is the same PitchCorrection plugin, that was already part of Cubase 12 and before. Just with a reduced GUI.
So, whatever your opinion is on the “old” effect - it is likely the same with the “new” one.

I don’t recall Cubase Vari-audio having an automatic tuning option?

Apparently you did not know about this plugin until now, so my above point is moot.
I don’t recall having seen any video that compares PitchCorrect with AutoTune. Maybe another user has both and an opinion.

@lahatte I apologize, I thought you meant variaudio. I hate to say it, but the “auto” pitch correction in the new vocal chain plugin is probably my least favorite module in the plugin although I really like the plugin as a whole. Push the autotune module in vocal chain past 10% for me is unusable for “natural” results as your original post asked. Again my subjective opinion.

As @Johnny_Moneto stated, cubase has had a autotune plugin for years and I didn’t/don’t like it and never used it on a final record. For live auto tune to help an artist while recording, I use waves autotune or Brainworx crispytuner (came free with my Komplete)

Hope that helps.

Thanks tdms. That’s what I am looking to know.