OK... First impressions concerning 7.0.6

So, I’ve been bashing too much 7.0.x until now and since its release, to not acknowledge that progresses have been made on several points (finally !) :

  1. It seems that the loading times of projects have been reduced. To which amount ? Sadly, i didn’t measured precisely but it is noticeable when loading samples banks. Will make more accurate measures soon…
  2. It seems also that the responsiveness of the whole application is better, especially concerning the MixConsole : guess that several optimizations have been made under the hood…
  3. I am no longer able to reproduce the unstabibily of the MixConsole when closing it with the F3 shortcut and after having done few tweaks : maybe it’s too soon but it seems that something has also been made here, compared to 7.0.5.
  4. AFAICS, it also seems that the ASIO usage of this update is more reasonable than with the previous one : could someone confirm ?

So, it seems that Steiny is on the right track again. Fine…

BUT, I will continue to use 6.5, because not a single fix has been made concerning all the UI regressions. Call me one track minded but I still cannot work with the horrible white masked cursor, the lack of the settings in the preferences ‘Appearance/Work area’ page (mainly grid related) and the ‘Appearance/general’ one. And still no fix concerning the strange behavior of the ‘R’/‘W’ buttons of the FX/Group tracks…

Overall, few steps in the right direction, but I was happy to launch 6.5 again right after this quick test, would it only be for the convenient project window settings. So, Steiny, please reconsider again all the UI regressions that have been made since C5.1. Thanks…

Correction and a consterned statement of fact…

Yesterday evening, I opened my usual test project (last saved with 7.0.5) as soon as I got 7.0.6 installed and noticed a significative improvement about the responsiveness of it, notably concerning the loading time. After a quick test I saved the project and closed Cubase (it was getting late…).

This morning, opening C7.0.6 and the same project :

  • Cubase launching time : 1 minute (it was more or less 15 s yesterday evening…) !
  • Project loading time : 1 mn 27, with notably 41 s to load a 380Mb EMulator X samples bank (22 s with 7.0.5, 9 s with C5.1…) and Cubase staying for what seemed forever on the ‘Loading channel Alchemy’ message. FWIW, the project has 5 audio tracks, 5 instrument tracks, 6 MIDI ones (3 for VSTis and 3 for my external instruments) and 1 FX track.

Not believing what I saw, I closed everything and rebooted my system. Results : exactly the same !

Could someone confirm, please ? :open_mouth:

Time for a correction again…

I took the plunge and rebuilt from scratch my test project. So, exactly the same configuration (see the attachment) as it is also my usual template when starting something new.

  1. Saved the new project on a dedicated folder but within the same parent folder (F:\DataCubase) as the previous one and closed C7.
  2. Rebooted and launched immediatly C7.
  3. Opened the new project.
  4. Closed it again without saving it.
  5. Immediatly reopened it without exiting Cubase.

Results after three attempts :

  • Cubase launch : 22 / 27 /24 s (much better than previously : why so ?)
  • First project opening time : 1 mn 3 s / 1 mn 9s / 1 mn 5 s. It seems that each time C7 hangs on something (one time, it was ‘Alchemy’ channel, another time it was ‘Dock B’ and the last one was ‘BFD2’…).
  • Second project opening time : 14 s / 19 s / 16 s. Do eventual caches working under the hood explain alone the difference ?

Something noticeable : with the old test project, loading the 380 Mb EmulatorX samples bank alone was taking around 40 s. With the new one, I get… only 6 s ! Even better than with C5.1 and this, both on the first project opening and on the second one. Guess I’ll have to make also from scratch a test project for 5.1 and 6.5… beside this, there is also a significative decrease of the ASIO usage.

At this point, I am completely short of explanation about the behavior differences… :confused:

EDIT : the old test project .cpr file is 1451 Kb and the new one takes 986 kb. Could this explain something ? FWIW, I made recently (about a week ago) a complete defrag of my different disk units.

progresses have been made on several points

True dat. Things seem to be getting better.