ok, im using jbridge for my 32 bit plugins...

will the new asio guard apply these ?

jbridge has been great for me and does cut some cpu on the daw as well as if a plugin crashes it doesnt crash the daw

I don’t think that the VST bridge is new. I copied an M-Audio Oxygen keyboard file to the Content map and the VST bridge file is dated 2013.

jbridge is for running 32 bit plugs in a 64 bit host and runs in a separate thread than the host daw----taking cup off daw and can run in diff threads if so

Hi, I am using JBridge as well, mainly for the TC Powercore and the Steinberg Virtual Guitarist plug-ins. I had a few problems with JBridge, but basically it’s OK. As far as I know, the Steinberg bridge is running as a separate thread as well.

The ASIO Guard works with J-Bridged plug-ins, and you can switch it off on per-plug-in basis in the Plug-in manager. First I misunderstood your message, and thought it was about using the Steinberg VST bridge.

what is Cuba’s bridge?they didn’t mention it

There is a built in VST bridge in Cubase. I am using a couple of plug-ins with it. (I had problems with graphics and some other issues with jbridge with these). When Cubase 64 bit version finds a 32 bit plug-in (it’s scanning the plug-ins for new ones at each start up) it switches on the VST bridge for that one automatically. There is a sign with the plug-in in the list showing that state.

hmmmm they didnt mention that

take a screen shot of what it looks like

Here it is:


(It’s not mine, I’ve just found it in a post. UAD plug-ins have been made 64 bit for a long time)

Has anyone done a performance comparison between Cubase’s native 32bit bridger and JBridge?

I’ve been using JBridge for a couple of years in another DAW, but I just got Cubase 8 and i’m wondering if it’s worth using the native bridge for my old 32bit plugins instead.

I too was using Jbridge on Cubase 6 and it was fine for ages, then it started crashing unexpectedly, often when I was saving a project. A lot of the time the error message would read VST bridge lost, file corrupt. This meant when I loaded the project back up all plugin parameters were set to hard left, so I’d have to reset everything manually which took ages.

I’m on Cubase 8 now and haven’t tried Jbridge with it yet (my friend has had no problems with his plugins without it), so also wandering whether to run it again or not.

32 bit plug ins will bridge in cubase 8 64 as long as they are vst 2.4 vst 3 ones will not.
Otherwise it will have to be opened run as 32 bit version.
Of course everyone knows that but my point is
IMHO if it is opening and running fine why install something additional which may cause an issue for which then you may then need,
a tissue.

Yep, good point. Although it’s not running fine for me at the moment, so I guess the only way of testing it is to install one plugin at a time and run it for a bit before adding another one…

Once I had installed C Pro 8 I tried the VST Bridge. I was intrigued When loading a 32bit plugin, it crashed immediately. I then installed Jbridge and it crashed as well. I have just cleanly installed Win 8.1 (all BIOS, and drivers and win updates are the newest) followed by installing the full version of C Pro 8 followed by the 8.0.5 Update. Then I installed Jbridge but realised I didn’t have the latest version of JBridge. Since getting the latest version I haven’t had one plug in crash. Needless to say, until I have got rid of all my 32 bit plugs, I am sticking with JBridge. Great bit of software!


Mate is there any chance you could send me the latest version of Jbridge or send me a link to download? I would be eternally grateful.


If you already own JBridge then by using the e-mail you used when you first bought it, you will be sent the latest uodate! Just click on the e-mail that Barryfell has provided.

I have a lot of 32 bit plugins and have only ever used the Cubase bridge…never had any trouble…
my main trouble at the mo is getting this ridiculous C8 update to work properly…Kevin

On my system my Powercore Firewire 6000 rack unit is working perfectly with SB VST Bridge in CP8, but not with J-Bridge.

When I try to use J-Bridge, everything works OK until I save the project and then re-load it - in which case the Powercore plugins become silent!

I have non of these issues using the built in bit bridge in CP8.
In fact Powercore has never worked so well as it does in CP8 - it seems the new ASIO guard 2 gets on very well with Powercore.

I’m using J-Bridge in Wavelab 8.5 - as I have no choice.