Ok opinion needed for drum mixing..

I am mixing a project right now and the drummer had recorded the drums via a vdrum kit and used real cymbals,so I have kick snare and toms as midi and the hh,overheads and ride audio tracks,so by doing some experiments with some real good drum samples I have ,and I have all the popular drum sounds,but my problem is that the drums are sounding not authentic,although the velocities are good and midi tracking is good ,I need to make them sound like real drums,and they were played but they sound almost to good if that makes sense…I think it’s the lack of room sound,no room mics ,cause they are only cymbals,I was thinking of making a parallel group track from the drum sub and making a digital room sound to blend in,going to try today …got a real nice guitar sound,royer 121 on cab with 421 and a dir track…I printed uad neve 1073 and atr 102 …such a fat sound with no eq or anything yet…but need the drums to make real…ill post MP3 clip today

ok heres a clip with just rhythm guitars ,bass and drums without the toms,going to find some good tom sounds …kick and snare are midi


A while back Slate posted a really interesting video (YouTube) about creating a fake room sound. Now, whilst there’s room for contention of his description of what a room sound sound like, it did wonders on his drum mix - everything he did (using VMR) can be done with other plugins so dont let that throw you off if you don’t have it. Of course your drum sound is dependant a lot on how it sits in the mix so YMMV.

Personally I use BFD a lot to get natural sounding drum replacement going on. Terrible interface but you can’t argue with the quality of the sounds you can get out of it if you’re prepared to put in a little time with it.

ok heres with toms and a sub buss with a room sim on it run with the drum sub


i thinks its better


Do you think the clip sounds more like true drums? I’m still on the fence?

ok heres a new clip with different library of sounds,kik and snare sound good but cant get toms to work…still sound triggered


You can try to make an impulse response of the room you had the cymbals recorded in. Just use one monitor box and your overhead mics. Then use it with REverence on the midi sounds. I’ve done this alot of times with classical recordings and it fits the close mics very well. The question here would be if you like the reverb of the room you used to record those cymbals…

If i’m listening to your latest example, i got the feeling that your Kick, Snare and Toms sounds are a little less bright then your overhead sound. Maybe you can try to match those sounds in the overlapping area of the frequency spectrum to get a better transition between those two spectrums.

Sometimes i use a little multiband sidechain compression on the overheads, fed by kick and snare and their corresponding fundamental note. This may mask the different rooms a bit.

Hope this helps!

yea they are different samples…listen to the room clip on that i did use reverence for room as the overheads had no room sound at all…its the toms im not happy with