Old Cubase Plugins Question Magneto and Puncher

I have saved the dll files for the old Magneto and Puncher plugins from my old versions of Cubase and Nuendo and I’ve always been able to put them in the plugins folder and use them in newer versions on all of my Windows machines.

Now I have a MacBook Pro and haven’t found a way to use them on this machine.

Do these dll plugins work on a Mac? If so, can anyone tell me how to install them on my Mac (Lion)?

If not, can they be found for the Mac somewhere?


It may be easier to install from the old vers. discs? (assuming you have older versions lying around…?)

Mac filing system is quite different - try Main Drive --> Library–> Application Support–> …

DLL:s won’t do any good in your Mac. They are Windows stuff. You can find at least Magneto in Steinberg’s FTP site: ftp://ftp.steinberg.de/Download/Legacy_Additional_Content/Additional%20Cubase%20SX%20Plugins/Mac/PPC%20only/Dynamics/

But that’s only for PowerPC Macs. If you have MacPussyCat which doesn’t have Rosetta, it doesn’t work. Don’t blame Steinberg, though, but late iSteven iJobs, who had difficulties to decide which kind of CPU to use with his iComputers.