Old M-Audio Projectmix help needed

If anyone can help I’d be grateful.
I’m trying to get the output from Cubase and the Output from the PC
To go to the amplifier. (see pic)
Preferably on one optical connection.
Cubase works at any sample rate. If I switch on the PC and use Cubase
staright away the signal goes to the correct output immediately…
Most of the time.
Sometimes I have select Projectmix SPDIF ins and outs first .
I have them saved as presets so its fairly quick, but irritating.
So if I come out of Cubase and want to listen to the mixdown in VLC or
Master in T-Racks or Lursson. It doesn’t matter what they had selected
for outputs last time I used them I always have to reset The M audio panel
or change the sample rate even if that means reselecting the same one.
It doesn’t always work and I have to go through a combination of switching
the PC, and /or the Amp or the Projectmix off and on again.
I’ve tried connecting the PC output to the second input on the amp and switching
between them. I’ve tried switching the internal card off and just having the projectmix connected
Cubase is fine with that but windows doesn’t seem to want to produce any sound through the
projectmix via firewire. All this was working until recently when I had to do a Windows clean install.
Not perfectly but fairly smoothly. Using the last but one
Windows 7 driver for project mix which was
Thats the driver I’m using now. But Windows has annoyingly updated this several times automatically to the final driver.
Nothing works properly with that one.
So I have to keep rolling back to this one.
I’m painfully aware that this is probably all a driver problem and
it’s just not going to work anymore. But I haven’t got the funds to change it for anything else.
Unless I can find a 5.1 surround interface that I can use to :

A) record /mix in 5.1 within cubase and

B) Serve as a playback device for 5.1 content on the PC and audio discs

The amp will decode DTS and Dolby provide you send it the signal through the optical cables.

The coax only supports a digital pair.

I believe theres a 48k limit when used the optical for 5.1 but thats ok.
The Focusrite scarlett 18i20 fits the bill but is really overkill as I only need a couple of inputs. Plus its more than I can afford.

There must be something smaller that does 5.1 at a reasonable price. Well… low price .
If anyone has any (helpful)suggestions I’d appreciate it.
Maybe someone is aware of 3rd party drivers for the projectmix. It seems criminal to ditch what is otherwise a great piece of tech.
For me it is anyway (before someone mentions the preamps)
I also have two old Presonus 26/26 interfaces which again …
almost work!

This is the PC spec I’m using with Cubase 13 and assorted Steinberg,NI, Arturia, and IK software

Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 Mobo

With Intel core 7700K @4.20Ghz,4201Mhz
4 cores 8 logical processors

64 GB DDR4 3200 ram

Of the monitors only the sub bass speaker is powered.The others are Old Mission Hi Fi Speakers

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t really understand everything you’ve said there - I’m not familiar with some of the tech you mention. But I do have a Projectmix working on a new-ish PC. What version of Windows are you running?

Sorry for the delayed reply. Not been well and I gave up and bought a Scarlett 18i20
Thanks for replying though!! :slight_smile: