Old M14 works with iPad and Cubasis 3

I posted this on the hardware section but though folk here might be interested.
Just thought some people might be interested to know that the old (ancient) M14 can be used as an audio interface for the iPad. The XLR inputs on the back don’t work but the line in at the front does. It can take a guitar/line input or a battery power mic, ie, one with its own phantom power. I’m using an old Rode NT3. And, of course, the main outputs on the back do work, as does the headphone out at the front.
I’m really surprised - and relieved as I was p…ssed off that a good piece of hardware just wouldn’t work with recent Windows systems. I use a powered USB (2) hub and a cheap substitute for the Apple connection kit (which I do understand may break down pretty soon - but it does work). It works just fine with Cubasis 3!

Hi northernman,

Thanks for sharing your insights with the community!
Glad to read that the M14 works with the iPad and Cubasis 3!

Enjoy making music
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Hi Lars
Of course, I can’t guarantee it and I’ve only used it like this for a couple of weeks. So far it all seems to work well. Recording audio through it seems fine. Very surprising.