old pci soundcards with adapters in pci express slots

Anyone tried any of those convert cards to keep using old RME cards?

I found this on ebay:

and this looks pretty much the same:

I want to keep my old RME 9652 card as it is still rock solid, but new motherboards don’t have PCI slots anymore. I am ready to upgrade, anyone with any experiences using any kind of converters like this?

First of all, there are new motherboards with legacy PCI slots. Mine has two (Asus Prime x370-A). At least you should be able to find some if you want to.

Secondly, if you want to get a riser/adapter make sure it supplies the correct voltage. Some rep from Lynx was basically saying how some people who had problems had used risers/adapters that didn’t provide correct voltage where needed.

Lastly, here are some resources for you:



Honestly I didn’t read through them, but I know there is one thread with someone confirming a solution that works. Not sure if it’s one of the above or a different thread.

hey thanks for the tip Mattias. I hadn’t found any legacy slots on any of the boards I looked at so far

If you’re looking for an Intel CPU it could be that they’ve moved on. It could actually be the same for AMD boards though I would expect some to still be around.

My board with legacy PCI was for socket AM4 and the chipset is the first generation chipset for AMD’s Ryzen. They now have moved on to a second generation chipset which is slightly different, and it’s possible manufacturers have moved on.

I think ultimately you just have to hunt a bit and maybe settle for an older motherboard, which could be totally fine, or try one of those bridges/adapters… or sell the card and get a new one…