Old Plug-ins? (Reverb A, Hypersonic)

Most good plug-ins (reverb, Instrument, EQ, etc) usually have 1 patch or vibe I like…
Reverb A - in mono, Hypersonic 2 - Acoustic Bass, Sn brush in Groove Agent 2, etc, ect…
IS THERE ANY WAY to use those plugs in C6?
I miss those sounds!


You can get Reverb A at Steiny’s ftp site.

They’re a bit scattered, here:


and here:



I use Hypersonic 2 in c6 32 and 64 with no problems…

Maybe it’s a MAC thing, but Hypersonic 2, Reverb A crash the program…

I am using some of those old vst plug-ins. See here: The VST Bridge in Cubase 6 is a nice surprise! - Virtual Effects and Add-ons - Steinberg Forums

Wow… Crashes me on start-up every time I add it to the VST folder and it is an active Plug in the project.

It must be a MAC thing because Hypersonic crashes C6 and reverb A doesn’t even show up in the list when added to : /Library/Audio/Plugins/VST

very frustrating!

Can i use hypersonic in cubase le 8