Old plugins (HalionOne & Reverb A) missing after CB 7.5 inst

I just moved from PC where my last version was Cubase 5. . I’m now on a Mac with a new 7.5 install, but when I try to open old projects I get “The plug-in “Reverb A” could not be found for …” I get the same message for HalionOne as well.

I checked with Steinberg support, so I know these are no longer supported, but I’m hoping there is a way to get these working. There are way too many old projects that are going to give me this message, and I’ll never be able to switch one by one to another effect.

Does anyone out there know if there are Cubase VST, VST3 or 5 files that I could just move to my new Mac setup? If so, where exactly would I put them?

UPDATE: I should add that I found “Reverb A.dll” on my old PC and tried copying it to the Mac at “Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST/” That did not seem to do anything. I’m still getting same errors.

Those plug-ins will not work in later versions of Cubase. Period.

Your only recourse is to open the oldest version of Cubase you have that still runs those plug-ins and see what presets/setting were used. Screenshots and track exports for reference are your friends, here.

You’ll then have to open something similar in Cubase 7.5 and do your best at matching the effect or VSTi preset sound. Welcome to the world of obsolescence.

Also: .DLL files are not recognized on the Mac OS.

Thanks for the quick reply Weasel. That is really depressing :O( Since my old PC is barely running, that may not be possible, but least I know not to focus my time trying to get them working. Regardless of the specific settings, is there any way to tell Cubase to always use X (new) plugin in place of Y (old), or is it just project by project, track by track? It would be great if I could do some kind of substitution or redirect. I know the parameters and settings would need adjusting, but at least I’d avoid all the error messages. I don’t expect that that an alias or redirect would be possible, but thought I’d ask.

Aloha guys just to chime in.

‘Reverb A’ no;
but HalionOne loads just fine but will not play any sounds.

In fact I would love to remove HAO because when loading HalionSonic,
HAO is right next to it in the list field and I often hit it by mistake.

Then I get those nasty lil d/log boxes asking:
'Do you want the application VSTBridgeApp.app to accept incoming network connection? Deny/Allow
Do you want the application "Cubase 7.5.app to accept incoming network connections? Deny/Allow

But something tells me if I remove HAO there will be heck to pay.

So it will load but won’t play in C7.5

And maybe not in C6.5/5.5. which are still working on this ax.

Is this a lack of ‘Rosetta’ thang?

Hi curteye,

you could just open the Plugin-Information window and deactivate HALionOne from there. It won’t appear in your list of VST Instruments anymore and shouldn’t cause you any trouble at all. If you think it did, you can just re-enable it.

It doesn’t have anyhting to do with Rosetta since HALionOne isn’t a PPC Plugin. It is, however, only available in 32-bit, which is why you get the warning about the VSTBridge.

Hope this helps

All the best

Will do.

Works great!

Thank you.

I have HalionOne 64-bit VST2 working just fine on my computer.

i too had my HalionOne missed,having lot of projects with it’ !!
sadly there is no link to download it for registered users who might need it.(i sold my C5 discs and didnt make a copy of HalionOne).
no steiny representative respond and tried to help to find a solution in a post i made here in forum(cant contact support cuz it wont let me from my country) , so with no other choice i had to download cracked Cubase 5 and install halionOne 32bit from there !!! :blush: mmm…
now im a criminal :wink: :mrgreen:

Just contact Steinberg support and they send you a link for HalionOne. A year ago, I bought this VST Sound Instrument Set Synthesizers for HALionONE. They still sell it and if you ask nicely they send the link. Good luck.

A simple search in the forum would prove otherwise: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=196&t=59157#p358060. Not only a solution is provided, but I offered (and sent the link to the user) to download the ISO image.
We send download links to registered users daily, for those countries where support is offered via Distributors, it’s just the same - if they can help, they do, otherwise the request is forwarded to us.

From the Terms of use of this Board: […]or support for, pirated/cracked software are expressly forbidden[…].

A simple search in the forum would prove otherwise: viewtopic.php?f=196&t=59157#p358060

im not saying steiny representative not helping in general, in my case no one chimed to assist,
before i posted my issue http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=126&t=58540 i was searching for the post you linked here cuz i remembered someone had the same problem, but somehow i didnt find it with search , anyway now i see its a personal solution.

i didn’t buy my steinberg products from the distributor in my country so i prefer not ask them to help me.

anyway, my point is that all this plugins and libraries should be available to download for registered users, if someone have no license he can’t use it anyway, and users would not have to wait and contact support daily just to download links, and its less hassle for steiny too.

and licenced users wont need to search for software they have license for in forbidden places :exclamation: :wink:

Edit: by the way PM is still welcome for HalionOne link and not only for the other PM i received !

Thanks for the link Fabio :sunglasses:

Hi mozizo,

we actually do have a “Download Archive” where you can get all the old not supported stuff. You just have to know where to look:



yes i know there is FTP server and download section, i tried to search for HalionOne and/ or cubase 5 which contains halionOne, but all i could find are updates for cubase 5.
there are many downloadable stuff but its not complete.
or maybe i really missed the cubase 5 download links !! :unamused:

Thanks, Fabio for pointing to the other discussion (and everyone that’s been chiming in). The Cubase 5 install sounds promising, and I do still have my Cubase 5 discs. Since my new Mac already has 7.5 (and only 7.5), can I just do a new install of Cubase 5 now, or will that interfere with my 7.5 install? Does one go on top of the other, or can they live side by side?

Hello apelp,

sorry, I didn’t see your last post.

The two versions can happily co-exist side by side.
Just be aware that Cubase 5 on Mac was 32-bit only. A little trickier than on Windows.

You can:

– Install Cubase 5, do your HALionOne work there and perhaps export to audio tracks that you will use in 7.5
– Install HALionOne only, run it in the 32-bit version of 7.5, then render to import in your mix session in the 64-bit version (doesn’t make too much sense, as you usually need more RAM when composing with lots of VSTi, rather than when mixing, YMMV)
– Install HALionOne only, run it bridged and see if it works fine for you