Old project creates 0.0 dB noise explosion

Opening up an old Cubase 5/6 project in Cubase 8, and Cubase has crashed a few times, and in this instance it created a 0.0 dB noise explosion from a few tracks. It seems like it could be an issue with the freeze function? as shown in the image, Kontakt 4.dll was missing and not loaded when this happened, but nonetheless the track created a 0.0dB noise in the middle of playing back the project. This project I was opening on a different drive letter, an a lot of linked files were missing. Maybe there is an issue with the file that was frozen? Weird.

it appears to be happening on tracks that were frozen.

This sucks. A solo audio file in this cubase project causes 0.0dB distortions. Any ideas on how to fix this? Roll back to Cubase 5.0?