Old projects suddenly lost their track colors

I’m having an issue where all my old projects are now suddenly set to the default (ugly) grey color for all tracks. They used to have a random coloring scheme but for some reason all tracks are grey now for every existing project I open, My question is: Is there a way to set a group of EXISTING tracks in a project to random colors (or some multi colored scheme)? I know you can set the color for NEW tracks that are added to a project in Preferences->User Interface->Track & Mix Channel Colors, but how do you change an existing set of tracks to use new colors? I know that I can change them all manually but that is a ton of work. I also know you can select all tracks and pick one color with the Color tool for all of the tracks, but I want to have them different (or random) colors similar to what it was previously. Thanks for any help.

I’m sorry, if the tracks are already there, then you will have to do this job yourself.

Without actually verifying this approach (not at Cubase right now) I’m pretty sure the Project Logical Editor can handle this if you are using Pro. I use it to set Tracks to specific Colors but don’t think there is an option to use a random Color. You can however Increment or Decrement a Track’s current Color. So you could randomly select Tracks, and then Incremented their Colors. As a one-off this wouldn’t amount to much. But if you did this a bunch of times (for example via a Macro) you’d end up with the Tracks randomly colored after most of the Tracks get their color changed multiple times.

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How to randomly select tracks other than manually, though?

Yeah you can’t do it directly. The trick is to randomize something you don’t care about and then use that to make your selection.

For example if you wanted to randomly select ~10% of the Tracks, you could put a ‘dummy’ Part on each Track. Then run a PLE that sets the Parts’ Start Position randomly between 0 to 9 Ticks. Then another PLE can Select only those Tracks where the dummy Part starts on a 0 Tick.

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Alternatively you can set every track that includes the letter “e” to the same color, then any track with “a” to another, and so on you go through the whole alphabet. Make 26 presets, combine them in a macro. start with the most used letter, end with the rarest. Should give you some colorful track list.


Thanks I’ll give that a try.

This seems like another good idea to give a try. Thanks.