old songs won't open in new update!

hello can someone help me with this problem, i have a song that i did in cubase 8.30 but they will not open in the new 8.5, when i click on the default cubase 8 comes up and not 8.5, also i used to be able to save the old song and it would revert to the new update and it is not doing that at all, it opens up 8.30 in 8.5? and won’t change over, please help thanks, honestman.


Cubase 8 and Cubase 8.5 are two separated applications from the OS point of view. You have to define, in which application do you want to open CPR files.

I don’t know, how does it work on Windows, on Mac, you can do this open the “Get Info” dialog.

Right click on the Project icon/Open with/choose default program/Browse(bottom right corner of window that opens) and then navigate to the directory you have c8.5 installed in (typically C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8.5) and select Cubase8.5.exe


hey guys thank u very much, i’ll try that, when i open the page that says open in default it shows cubase 8 it won’t show cubase 8.5, but i’ll try your suggestions, thank u, stan.