Old Steinberg elicenser key

I purchased Cubase Pro and would like to download and activate. I have an old Steinberg Key that is still in the shrink wrap. I purchased it years ago. Can I use that or should I purchase a new one?It actually say Windows XP lol on it so I imagine I can"t but thought I’d check. Thanks in advance!!

Technically speaking it should work. It’s just that over the years the newer USB keys had faster processing time which actually sped up the sequencer.

You can install the Elicenser Center on its own to see if it can see your old key. https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360008841379

I would buy a new one

Why? No harm in trying the dongle they have first. If it works they’d only need it until 12 comes out. If the performance hit is too big, or it doesn’t work at all then buy a new dongle.

@Angus_MacLeod if you do end up buying a dongle, you’ll likely get it quicker at a local store than online. The ultimate irony would be for 12 to get released while you are waiting on a dongle for 11.

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I bought a new one recently as mine was from when it first moved to the usb licenser. It worked absolutely fine and is still working with a soft licence moved to it on my sons computer. As said 12 is round the corner. Absolutely no need to get another + you can try it out anyway.

  1. The older ones were SLOWER
  2. The older ones plastic FELL APPART on them, I replaced TWO here

Those are MY REASONS. No harm in trying it as you said. BUT, when that damn thing stops working or is dying and you can’t BUY the newer one you will be screwed for running C11 and older

While possible, that seems an unlikely concern for someone who is just now getting Cubase, presumably has no existing Projects that require Cubase 11 or earlier and will probably be using a dongle-less Cubase 12 in a short while. Seems under those circumstances the risk of actually getting screwed is pretty low.

I still use my eLicenser from 2005 I got to use Eosis Air EQ. Works fine and have never had any troubles with it in all this time, unlike my first iLok.